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  1. Great, great and more great , is the best plant of Borneo Exotics black truncata hibrid that ever seen!
  2. Hi all. The biggest pitcher of my N. truncata " Red Leaves" was 43 cm long! ( see in the avatar pic at the left)
  3. Hi Alicia, your plant is lovely one!!! The fruits of my red ventricosa grow very fast, I think It will be a viable and fantastic hibrid: 1º colorfull pitchers , ventricosa influence. 2º low humidity resintence for male , thorelii, smilessii, bokorensis or hibrid. 3º tolerance to very low temp for ventricosa influence. Made in Spain!
  4. Hi, you are very cool , and generous. I dont know how much is the flower stalk live, I think one week. But if a new flower stalk will be grow in the free tail, I will said to you. Thanks.
  5. Increidible , 215 visit and nobody has polen! My ventricosa have a virgin flower stalk!
  6. Hi every one, The second stalk flower of my ventricosa Red is opening now. Polen please, good growing!
  7. Hi, I think that your Dendrobium is hibrid , D. x Delicatum, D.kingdanum x D. seciosum. The fragance is strong , but lovely for me, very resistant rock orchid type, congratulations!
  8. Hi from Madrid. My N. ventricosa " Red" has a flower stalk with 50 buds, I think will be open in 2 weeks , I think.
  9. Hi every body. I can discovered the sex of my N. ventricosa "Red"because a little ovarius is inside of the flower buds, so Im looking for polen. Geat father will be : N. Ampullaria " Red" N.burdigeae N. rajah N. jamban N. globosa N. rafflesiana 88 or 99 N. patychila others Nepenthes Gentlemens , please offer your polen here, a good seeds for the winer!!!
  10. Hi all. I have 3 new basal shoots of my N. truncata "Red Leaves", after cutting the big stalk. Its a male one. Very good specimens!
  11. A good joke! Naturaly the question is about adult plants, for example, truncata ,s"Red Leaves" pithers in mine avatar is 43 cm.
  12. Great! Do you know wich is the maximum pitcher size of this beutyfull form?
  13. With aprox. calculate: N. Attenbouroungii pitcher conus form, h = 30 cm , d = 15 cm , volumen = 1766, 25 cm cubics = 1,76 lts N. truncata black pitcher cilindric form , h =45 cm, d = 12 cm , volumen = 5086,6 cm cubics = 5,08 lts !!!
  14. HI, every one. How much capacity and size have the big tramps? Is biggest truncata highland " Black form "? Thanks for answer.