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  1. nice plants, I think your prolifera has to much light! you schould get it out of the full sun!
  2. made a control unit yesterday: 2 timers with 4 canals for lighting and the fans
  3. I think I am going to look for a toad or something like that:P or maby a praying mantis that would be awsome too:D
  4. A chamelion :D I wanted one since I was 8 year old but beleved they were too big to live in the same terrarium so I havn't surged further. I would be really happy to have one!!
  5. I still want a gekko but I am scared for the fertilising of the soil. do you have any Idea for it?
  6. Thanks for the nice comments! here is my other terrarium with heliamphora/genlisea/drosera/utricularia and some other plants: H.minor auyan tepui and the genlisea and utric. extra picture of H. minor: H.hetrodoxa x minor flowering al year long Thanks for watching!!
  7. zeeland

    N. clipeata

    nice plant!! what temps are you keeping it in? would in suit in a intermediate/highland set-up. (daytime23-25C; nighttime15-18C) I would love to have one in my terrarium
  8. here are some pics nepenthes/drosera terrarium I wanted to show. the total terrarium: some details: the waterfall(with nepenthes gentle x gentle seedlings and 1 U.calycifida) an indistructible N. truncata(keeps making on pitchers no matther what) my small truncata: and N. stenophylla x veitchii witch starting to make his first pitchers since it is moved to the terrarium: Thanks for watching!
  9. I'm gonna start with easier CP's (Dionaea, some easier Drosera species, Uttricularias and maybe an easy pitcher plant species) I really like your work!! please notice dionaea , sarracenia and some drosera are hardy and need a resting period in the winter so I don't think these are suitable for your terrarium/paludarium setup. Goodluck!!
  10. Verry nice pictures!! can you post them a little bigger?
  11. yup and with my first ancounter it attaced my finger(icps leiden)
  12. didn't know U. subulata has white flowers