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  1. Hi! Just wanted to share a pic of this amazing hybrid from Exotica Plants! F.
  2. Hi, I was thinking to buy this reflector for a MH 150w or 250w bulb, and so I was wondering if anyone is using this reflector with success. I would like to buy the reflector for nepenthes cultivation (big and small). Thank you. Fil
  3. Beautiful plant! What about your growing conditions? Fil
  4. Thanks Dicon, I think you're right, this is a red spider disease. I treated with an insecticide for the red spider. I hope I will solve this problem... thank you Fil
  5. Hi, I have a problem with this nepenthes mikei, I think it's a fungal disease, and I treated with a copper fungicide. What do you think about it? Thanks
  6. One month ago i put all my nepenthes (all intermediate) in a "indoor greenhouse" under a 150 watt metal halide lamp (13 hours). Distance from the light is about 50 cm. Temperature is about 20°C. At the moment i notice that some nepenthes in this month produced pitchers (for example nepenthes mikei, sanguinea) but other neps (like nepenthes miranda, veitchii x maxima, ramispina) stopped producing pitchers. In your opinion, it could be a problem of light, temperature or adaptation to the new conditions? Thank you
  7. My idea is to create a small greenhouse with about 1.5 square meter of grow area and a height of 1.5 meters. My doubt is: a 150 watt bulb (for example) can scorches the leaves considering that the height of the greenhouse (1.5 meters) is not too much and considering that plants will grow? In this case is better a 70 watt bulb or a 150 watt one?The reflector is like this:
  8. Ok...and the distance? Depende on the area I want to light up? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I think I will buy this bulb! Do you think that a 70watt bulb is enough for a 1,5-2 square meters greenhouse?
  10. What do you think about this bulb? Can be a good choice for a nepenthes-greenhouse? Thank you
  11. Thanks mobile, another doubt : is it possible in your opinion put a lamp for example a HCI with reflector in a greenhouse or in a big terrarium with very high humidity without protection against humidity, or i have to use a reflector for outside use with glass?
  12. Thanks, i think i will choose a HCI bulb, are there any differences between bulbs with different bases like E27,E40 and RX7 or others? Which is better? thank you Regards
  13. I'm choosing a lamp for indoor growing. Anyone knows if it is better a HPS (high pressure sodium) or a Metal Halide lamp for growing nepenthes or other cp? Experiences? Thank you