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  1. OMG glad we don't get snow like that over here!!! Hope your cars not buried under there!! :-/ Jules
  2. Hiya, The 3rd one up from the bottom is pretty special! :-) Jules
  3. Hiya, Nice photo! It always amazes me how much my vft's do catch, whenever i look at them in the greenhouse there's barely an open trap on any of them... and it'll be harvestman time soon!! The sarra's are alll filling up nicely to! :-) Jules
  4. Jules


    Whoops, forgot again to! :-( Jules
  5. Hi Joel, Fantastic looking plants, and great photos. :-) Jules
  6. Hi Andy, Very nice, Leucos are so cool... :-) Jules
  7. Nice ear warmers Nigel! :-) Jules
  8. Hi All, Look what I found in the local garden centre, it takes me back to the first VFT i bought about 25 years ago... don't remove it from the plastic pot, it'll die!! - not! VFT in a pink pot anyone?? Only £5.99! Aidan, you know you want one! Jules
  9. Hi All, I bought this P. laueana (pillar box red) in November 2004 and it flowered for the first time a couple of weeks ago! Hope you like it as much as I do! :-) Jules
  10. Hi Andy, Glad to see you're up and running again! :-) Jules
  11. Nice pics... the weather looked better than it was here!! Ran out of water butts to fill up with our 3 days of rain! :-) Jules
  12. RO = Reverse Osmosis (ie the water is filtered under pressure through a membrane to produce very pure water, as long as your RO Unit is working correctly!) HTH Jules