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  1. Nice pics Jim and I got the flour joke
  2. Nope, I've got two cats Thank you all for the nice comments
  3. Hi all, I'm rather pleased with the way my bogs are growing this summer so far so I thought I'd show them off a bit This is my garden, the raised area is where the carnivorous bogs are, there is a bog at the back of the lower area too, it used to be carnivorous but doesn't get enough light so I made it a grass bog instead. The bog area; Big Bog to the back, Small Bog to the right and two Bog Pots The Flavas are taking over the big bog! Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed.
  4. In a planter! i thought you tethered them in open streams? Your bog looks wonderful Rachel I'll be interested to hear how that Darlingtonia does, would love some in my bog...
  5. Went to my favourite local(ish) garden centre today for some perlite and got distracted by the quality of of the CP display - real plants, not just the usual dried up hybrids! With signs and leaflets explaining how to care for them! Obviously I couldn't resist and came away with a Rotundifolia for the small bog The nice lady on checkout told me it was a new local supplier and she'd pass on my positive feedback Checked the label when I got home and am so pleased to find out it's you!!! Well done! keep up the good work!
  6. Hi Jim, how you doing I've been checking in now and then, just been a bit lax when it comes to posting I'm asuming it's evolution, presumably the precursor plants were either not yet present when the continents split or did not evolve into carnivores in Europe for some reason? Maybe the flypaper CPs just have less specialised needs? If you look at the Global distribution of D.Rotundifola it doesn't seem to be that fussy!
  7. Doh! forgot about them! Well thats blown that line of thought, would still appreciate any input.....
  8. I don't know about VFT staining but I once tried to peel fresh walnuts and my fingers looked like I'd been smoking 100 cigarettes a day for a year it took a while to go but was less than 9 weeks so I'd suggest a change of technique, either surgical gloves if you do big batches at a time or maybe carry a small pair of nail scissors with you if you just snip the stems when you see them? Good luck
  9. Hi folks, long story but am back at college and at the moment doing a (small) project on CP's, has anyone got any theories as to why the Cp's in Wales are all 'flypaper' traps? (P.Vulgaris, D.Rotundifolia, D.Anglica - if there are any others please let me know) I dont need anything greatly scientific (this really is just a small tutorial project) but would appreciate all ideas. Would also appreciate it if anyone has any photos of native welsh CP's I could use (not necessarily in habitat) as I don't grow them - I can absolutely guarantee my project won't be published! Cheers
  10. Unfortunately 'killer' Gooner is no longer with us and Spiders (yes - my cat is called Spider) attitude to wildlife is to look at it quizzically then meow at me for more catfood :? Shall have to invest in one of those spider hoovers - though cant quite see the point in releasing them unharmed
  11. I just want a plant that eats spiders I'm serious! does anyone know of a cp that does actually catch spiders????
  12. The one in our garden is a nightmare, it completely takes over every summer no matter how much I try to pull it up I've got no chance of digging it up, I'd have to excavate the whole garden. I like the idea of using jars of weedkiller though rather than spraying, much safer for other plants and my cat I'ts probably too late this year really, though I'm getting a certain amount of satisfaction to hopefully be finally on the track of beating it next spring when it starts growing again, every tendril will be popped straight into a jar of glyphosphate cheers
  13. Hi all, I came across this when I was searching for a solution to the nightmare bindweed I've spent the day stuffing rolled up tendrils into jars filled with 'Round up' and the night crossing my fingers that it will work. If anyones got any other methods of getting rid I'd love to hear them cheers
  14. I generally find that more light helps the pitcher get going and more humidity helps with size. What plant is it? cheers
  15. Awesome Wonderful plants and wonderful photos. cheers