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  1. Wow! The near-black flowers are incredible. What plant are they from? Is that their actual colour, of is just the lighting? Good work!
  2. I don't you'll ever know for sure beyond the fact that it's a hybrid. It looks like there may be some leucophylla and psittacina in the mix, but there may be more to it than that. Medusa sounds like a perfectly good name for it as long as the name hasn't already been taken!
  3. Just a quick note... The Charities Commission guidelines make no mention that non-members may not attend a charity AGM. It does say, however, that the individual Charity's governing document may determine who can attend an AGM. Sadly, the CPS's governing document does not state who can and cannot attend an AGM. So I'm not entirely sure that saying the AGM is open to MEMBERS ONLY is completely lawful!" https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/charities-and-meetings-cc48/charities-and-meetings#annual-general-meetings-agms
  4. Ergo, Annette has been dismissed from the committee. Has she been given an opportunity to appeal?
  5. So, does that mean that a majority vote in favour of Annette being removed from the committee is NOT an attempt at dismissal?
  6. I'm sure they would be willing to Dunc, but Annette seems to have been banned from CPUK for some odd reason...
  7. I can't find this on here; I do hope it hasn't been censored! But this is an important message from the acting Chair of the Carnivorous Plant Society. Sent on behalf of Annette Bell. Please all read... Dear Members, On 12th November 2018, I gained unanimous support from the committee to become Chairman and Trustee of The Carnivorous Plant Society (CPS). It has been a huge honour to be able to serve the membership and I take this role seriously. In recent months I have uncovered various shortcomings in the administration and governance of the CPS, including failing to
  8. Seems like quite an interesting and unusual angle, compared to your 'run-of-the-mill' carnivorous-plant-cultivation book (not that there's anything wrong with them, of course!!).
  9. Loakesy still pops by from time to time, though not as much as he used to... Yes, I'm in Bromley, and know SPC fairly well.
  10. And thanks to Sheila for listing and coordinating the auctions on the forum!! It all reminds me that I need to make contact with Roger Thomas (the original donor of the plants) because I believe he has more plants to pass on to the CPS. If that happens They will probably be auctioned here again, so watch this space.
  11. No problem! Just glad to have a bit more room in the polytunnel now!