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  1. Carnivorous-Owen

    Getting my first garden soon what type of bog should i do?

    Thank you Steve, i will take a look for ideas :)
  2. Carnivorous-Owen

    Best CPs to grow during winter?

    Thanks for your reply Steve that sounds a good idea least i can sketch out a few of my ideas. Hopefully get a greenhouse at some point too :)
  3. Carnivorous-Owen

    Getting my first garden soon what type of bog should i do?

    Thank you so much this sounds a fab idea i bet yours looks great! :) never thought of drilling the sides to stop it overflowing see :) whenever you have any pics id love to see thanks for replying
  4. Carnivorous-Owen

    Best CPs to grow during winter?

    Thank you appreciate your reply :)
  5. Title says it all, getting my own bungalow at the end of October. Iv'e always wanted my own bog garden can all cp's go in a bog garden and what type would most people recomend when i look online i see some are held with like a pot in the middle with water? Show me some pics of yours id love to see them :)
  6. Hello, I have lived in a town house with no garden for 2 years now, luckily on 17th October i will be moving into my own bungalow in mid wales with a large garden i can put pots in. I really want to make a bog garden, but wondering what the best way to do this would be and different types of bog gardens? Im quite OCD so would like one of each species at least although in the past iv'e had.multiple VFT and Pitchers etc however in general i am wondering... What are the best CP's to grow outside during the winter months here in the UK? I don't need to ask about indoors as i know loads can as long as they go through dormacy. Thanks in advance Owen
  7. Carnivorous-Owen

    How do i make a 'cheap' rain water catcher?

    I managed some tray methods but nothing permanent That is super, very compact and cheap i will definitely consider that, thanks so much for sharing.
  8. Carnivorous-Owen

    How do i make a 'cheap' rain water catcher?

    More super ideas for me to try, thanks.
  9. Carnivorous-Owen

    How do i make a 'cheap' rain water catcher?

    That's an awesome idea, especially as i already got a garden table outside by them, will def give a go! Think i will try this also, thanks for your suggestions :)
  10. Hi, I live in Mid-Wales in UK so we usually have plenty of rain but now summer is coming we are getting periods of water shortage and luckily my grandmother only lives down the road and i collect rain water from her water butt for my CP's (I have quite a few inside and outside!), but carrying various bottles of water from her house everyday is tiring so i am wondering if there is any make-shift rain water catchers i could make/buy? I don't have enough room for a water butt in my own garden, i have used standard wide containers in the past to catch rain water but it ofen evaporates as quick as it comes in them. Anyone use any other methods?
  11. Carnivorous-Owen

    Is it a change of environment problem?

    Thanks Mujinamo, i certainly won't bother with one outside again, such a shame. Yes thats handy for the temperature drop just at night.
  12. Carnivorous-Owen

    Is it a change of environment problem?

    It's much the same shriveled, lost all colour and almost 'dry' looking, almost as if it's gone into dormancy? Although i insist it's not dead. Yes, certainly much harder than the others i have had. That's the thing the sunlight is whats good to be extra careful on, whats it like in Stockholm? here it's unpredictable at the moment, thunderstorms today, heatwave yesterday! Not good for the CP's
  13. Carnivorous-Owen

    Biorb Terrarium would it work?

    I don't have near as much experience as many of the others here on this forum, but i think it would work fine, especially as the biorb air itself is designed as a terrarium. I didn't actually realise the item existed until i saw your post (and link), it seems awesome. If i had the money, i would probably buy one. The CPS would look awesome in there and personally would think they be perfect. PS. If you do buy, please make a thread or keep us updated on how there all doing in there!! :)
  14. Carnivorous-Owen

    Finally ... ! The project is underway :)

    Thanks! I'm glad it's doing so well, shows everyone on this forum is keen for others to enjoy the exciting hobby of carnivorous plants. Hopefully i plan to do something like this for next season! :)
  15. Carnivorous-Owen

    Is it a change of environment problem?

    Hi Vince, Thanks for that, i think i will learn by this experience and next time, grow indoors.