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  1. Dear All, I haven't been on the forum for a good few years so it is fantastic to see it still going strong! One of my last posts was back in 2008 when I was after some advice on maintaining Sarras in aqueous gel as we were planning to have them for our table centre-pieces. I am happy to report back that both the original plants (sourced direct from Mike King - thank you Mike) and the marriage, are still going strong :) This year one of my sarras has done very well in the polytunnel but I cannot for the life of me remember where it came from or what the variety is - any help would be much appreciated! It has a beautiful double flower as well and the pitchers are very tall and slender. Good to be back and many thanks in advance for any id help :) Camilla
  2. fly

    Opinions please!

    Thanks Everyone, all very interesting replies. I think I'll probably use a combination of both this year - the Purps are pretty overgrown and I think pulling the pitchers off from the rhizome clears them out and gives a better air flow. Think the cleaning up and splitting is going to take a while though! I do agree that it can be quite therapeutic, especially when they're all cleaned up, split out and in a nice new pot... :)
  3. fly

    Opinions please!

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been on this forum since we used our CPs as our wedding centrepieces ten years go! Glad to se it is still going strong :) I would be very grateful for everyone's opinions - I have always taken off the dead growth on my Sarras by removing the whole pitcher at the base. They basically peel off from the stem. Is this the best way or do people just trim them right down instead? I have seen professional growers who cut their whole collections right back so there's nothing to see when dormant - do you guys do this and if so when is the best time? We moved our whole collection into a polytunnel last year and they have flourished, so this year's job of cleaning up and splitting is going to take some time! any opinions appreciated, thank you :)
  4. Hi Fix, I've only just come back on the Forum so apologies for the late response but Thank you so much for all the info, that is very kind of you. Since I last posted we've decided to go with solid cream pots that aren't transparent. This means that we can just rest the Sarras in their plastic pots inside, then cover the top with sphagnum. Ribbon round the outside and we're done! Now all we need to do is source the plants, buy the pots, get the ribbon... Once again thanks to all for the responses - Fix, I may yet use the gel in the future and it's good to know how much it expands! Camilla.
  5. Returning regularly to water them could get expensive - he lives in Cape Town
  6. Hi Jim, That's so cool - thanks for sharing the photos. The wedding looks stunning. I can honestly say that if I had listened to everyone and realized in advance how much work goes into organizing a wedding, we definitely would have eloped. God knows how I'm going to fill my spare time once the honeymoon's over
  7. Hi, Thanks for the info Alexis - I think the root ball idea is a great one. The alternative is to go with some cream vases, and just cover the top with sphagnum. Martin - I can't believe that thread! Thanks for putting us onto it. Just taken a look and there are certainly some stunning pitchers in the vases! Food for thought...
  8. To avoid future confusion...gender has been set!
  9. Ha ha - no, I'm definitely a Mrs, or at least a Mrs-to-be. We figured that as centre-pieces (in glass vases with some pretty organza ribbon) they would be a real talking point, and break the ice on the tables. Figured it could cause people to smile and inject some originality and add a personal touch to the day. And also, how many floral centre-pieces can you remember from weddings past? None in my case (although I do have a particularly poor memory ) Does anyone have any experience of keeping CPs in the crystal gel stuff? I've found info on line saying that you can grow plants in it perfectly as it acts as a soil-replacement and contains all the nutrients etc. Obviously this might make it too rich...? Otherwise, cream pots it is...
  10. Ahh, sorry, maybe I wasn't so clear - we're not planning on cutting the pitchers, but putting the whole plant in the vase, root ball intact. Hence the question - the whole point is to make sure we can keep the plants afterwards! Thanks, C
  11. Hi Everyone, (It's been a loooong time...) I have a question and would be grateful for some info. We are getting married in May and want to have glass vases as the table centre-pieces containing Sarras and perhaps some Heliamphoras. One option is to fill the vases with sphagnum, but I was wondering if we could fill them with that clear gel stuff instead? Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm assuming it's fairly innocuous stuff, but am I barking up the wrong tree? As we'll be heading straight off on honeymoon we need the plants to survive in the chosen media until we get back 3 weeks later. I have a horrible feeling that if there's a chance the plants won't survive, hubby-to-be may decide to post-pone the honeymoon, which will make for a very short marriage .... Thanks in advance,
  12. Thanks guys! Couldn't comment on the conditions I'm afraid as it was quite a long time ago now. Most of the Neps we saw ie the rajas and burbs were in one special area, the 'Nepenthes Walk', on a slope. The villosas were growing along the path up the mountain but I couldn't tell you the specifics (especially as I didn't get to see them... :cry: ).
  13. Thanks! And thanks for the reminder on the ids - how could I forget I did get over the bronchitis, but it put paid both to seeing the villosa forest (GUTTED!) and to diving off Borneo and West Australia so it was a pain. Anyway, here are a few more pics of the Neps at Kinabalu...
  14. Yes we do - if you PM me your email and the one/s you want I can send them,
  15. Hello All, I have been off the forum for a while as back in August 2005 we took time off to travel round the world. One of the first and MUCH anticipated stops was Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo, where we were very much looking forward to seeing the CPs. Unfortunately I contracted viral bronchitis in Thailand and was banned from any physical activity whatsoever, including diving, trekking and most importantly, walking up mountains. This meant that I got to see the Neps around the base, but missed out on all the ones up the mountain including the Villosa! Luckily my fiance took masses of pics of the Villosa forest which looked totally amazing. Sadly we didn't get to see any lowii, but we did get to see a Rajah that held 3 litres of liquid - pic included. We also saw Neps in Vietnam, and tonnes of Drosera in Brazil and South Africa - we may need ids on some of those in the near future... Anyway, here are some of the photos we took whilst there - I haven't got all the names to hand right now so apologies for the lack in labels... [/img]
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