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  1. Hello Dear growers, this year i found some time to make some new pictures at my leuco and other carnivorous plants still healthy in this cold autumn... You can find more pictures in my website: you can find a large collection with almost all pictures for every sarracenia and dionaea clone and more. bye bye Andrea
  2. Great Thomas! Dionaea at the top,well done! Biohazard could be more crazy than this,wait another month. bye Andrea
  3. Hey Jim, you are a great grower ! just try and try and try! and finally you'll have fantastic plants. i put tuberous under full sunlight also in summer(but species in this topic are fresh from AU so some has make new growing point) in full winter,when acclymatized plants are in full growing,i put all under terrarium at 18-20 ° so start to grow very fast until spring. bye Andrea
  4. Hello ! now my tuberous sundew are quite in dormancy,i stop watering them one month ago,but today,walking in my greenhouse,i took a look at them and...what is that...some green leaves...OH my GOD! second season for some of them,they give a second joy this year,WOW! Drosera Zonaria,large form Drosera rosulata giant Drosera erythrorhyza squamosa "sand growing" Drosera prostratoscaposa(with flower!) soon new update with picture! ciao! Andrea
  5. Nice plants! Really,especially that rubricorpora that i think it will be very very dark in august. or not? about Sisterplant of Brook's hybrid,i've got this plant in my collection and i think we are speaking of the same plant. this is Mike's description H42 S. x moorei (flava var. rugelii x leucophylla) Orange flower, red pitcher. From same batch of seedlings from S. x Brook’s Hybrid H7, Michael Brooks my plant is tall about 40-50 cm. bye
  6. the only new italian website with own! :) take a look...really interesting eh eh bye Andrea
  7. Hi Ries,stunning plants! i love Goldie too... eh eh bye!
  8. Hi , i had this plants from RVL, SH45 RVL here you can find picture made by Rogier ,in this link you can see an example of his S'Daniel Rudd' very different so, now i don't Know wich are the real Daniel Rudd,of sure mine is more coloured and in my opinion very nice,like an ugly S.'Adrian Slack'
  9. Hi Rob,are you sure that is S."Daniel Rudd"? it has white lid and red throat...but i don't see that color in your sarra... ok for red throat,could be early,but a little bit of white on lid... bye
  10. Wow,your plants feel good but your aquarium is really fantastic! GREAT! i love aquarium too,especially fishtank with plants and discus together
  11. Wonderful plants,my dear! really well coloured and healthy sarras. and New setup in your green house,well done! bye Andrea
  12. I thank you all! Thomas,about wiky there's 2 different clone,only mine has that purple color,but i buyed as green form,this is a picture of wiky when i buyed it i was interested in those strange teeth,but this year i change moss peat and soon this dionaea change its form... like a purple coquillage... Very nice! a friend of mine buyed the same plant the same day but this year is like green wizard but with erected leaves... so the only thing to do is collect pics of various Wiky in Europe to see various difference. i put my wiky as AF7 code in my growlist,so this code can make the difference between the other wiky clones. Ciao Andrea
  13. Hi Jim, Petiolaris are in wonderful season. next pics about them,it's a promise! bye Andrea
  14. ................... Dionaea muscipula Killer queen AF1 Suspiria AF2 Fire mouth AF6 South west giant SL0013 Black traps Short teeth Wiky Drosera zonaria , large form Drosera macrophylla subsp.macrophylla Pinguicula spec.Huahuapan other pictures in bye bye! Andrea