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  1. ThomasL

    my plants

    my plants
  2. Hello Great Event and thanks Mike for your hospitality. Here you can see Pictures of the open Day Bye Thomas
  3. Hello Mike After a long Break i will come and visit you again. Want to see your new green houses and the plants. I want to expand my Collection of Disa's and i hope some visitors bring some interesting plants. Bye Thomas
  4. ThomasL

    Just to see ;)

    Yes i see the mites. Ist a good camera. I must use some pesticide. I ve got the motherplants without any Name and i see the patches and do a lot of leaf cuttings. Ever new plant schow the Features. My first Intention of the Name was Camouflage. Is there a different between comouflage and Virus variegated? Bye Thomas
  5. spring is coming faster as you think. ;) best regards
  6. Looks great Lucien. One more for my wishlist. Please let me know if you have a spare for me. Bye Thomas
  7. Hello Long time ago to post some pictures. Hope you like them. Bye Thomas
  8. About all the discusion about the wrong Dracula. I will label the wrong Dracula as plant "fake Dracula". Ist still a nice plant. Bye Thomas
  9. Hello I have also Dracula and i'm uncertained. I get my first Dracula in the year 2009. This plant Dracula 1 grow at the Moment mainly upright, with traps Looks like dentate, some are arced and some have a lightly red band outside. I have spread them as Dracula to many growers, because i thought its Dracula. Years later i get another Dracula from a Italien grower in a swap. This plant is still small. I compare them today and i'm afraid to see differents. The frist Picture is from Dracula 1 and the other is Dracula 2 from the Italien grower. Whats your opinion Trev? Did some of us are crappy? If it so, did we can to retrace wich guy was it? Bye Thomas
  10. ThomasL

    Dionaea 'Iris'

    Very interesting plant. Let me know if you have a spare for me. ;)
  11. ThomasL

    Some new clones

    Nice Plants Yuri. I also have some new crosses in work. It Looks that we Need to trade again. ;) Good Work. Bye Thomas