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  1. Hi, - 4 night to +5. a day Frosts were only a few hours at night, the day was above zero. On these dates, as I wrote, the plants came out of the ground, but stopped growing about 3 cm high. They began to grow quickly only in March, as the temperature during the day began to reach 15 to 20 degrees. I spray the water the syringes from above. Trays with waters start this week.
  2. Hello, I m in Norfolk. My Drosera living all year in semi open greenhouse, so temp. last winter was - 4 to 5 C.. Start growing D. macracantha 1 - 30 October D. menzesii. 15 October D. peltata. 30 October D. purpurascens 18 January D. auriculata 18 December D. cristtiflora 6 February D. mooreii ? 15 December
  3. Thank you everyone for the answers .Already changed labels on my pots.
  4. I m not big expert, but every year sowing many dionea, drosera and saracenias . If seeds is mine, it germinate in a week to two. But last spring I bought some seeds from various sources, and Drosera binata multi.v.extrema sown around 01.04.19 only showed last week. The same D.filiformis v.floridiana first germinated around 01.05.19 and from time to time I see a new seedling. I think the seeds were not fresh. If they are older and kept dry, they will need several months
  5. Hello, please help me identify the sundew accurately. I bought it a few years ago as Drosera filiformis v.tracyi from one of the largest schools of carnivorous plants. Recently, however, I started collecting other forms of this genre and I think it is D.filiformis, not D.tracyi. First of all, it is not white, and it often turns reddish and is usually not more than 20 cm tall. What do colleagues think about this?
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