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  1. Thank you greenzone5 :) But it is not Vanda. It is Ascocenda Princessa Mikasa blue. Ascocendas is very well for novice, I think. I made this photo yesturday in my orchiterrarium. And fresh blooming of my Cymbidium, 7 february
  2. manders, thank you very much :) Nepenthes gracilis and bellii very nice :) :) :) Thank you :)
  3. I don't know why, but most older photos of my topic lost.
  4. 1,5 years ago I changed pine bark to EpiWeb, for my orchids. The number of carnivorous plant reduced, I don't know why. They condition I don't change/ They have light, RO water, sphagnum moss substrate. But they number reduce after each dormancy. Photos of my orchyterrarium today. This is total view This is all my dianea muscipula This is all my pingueculas And this is very big vanilla Vanilla is superfluous to my orhidariume forms much shade, takes a lot of space to throw a pity. Do you think it could grow just in the room? For the same reason, I had thrown nepenthes, grew an
  5. Thank you Dicon :) You are right, it is unknown unfragnant hybrid of vanda. I want move away this plant, and now I wait 2 new vandas from the shop at this place in orchiterrarium.
  6. Hi, I find how to fix spray nozzles inside of orchiterrarium. I fixed them in metallic plate and fixed it on the glass by the silicone hermetic. The system working is very well.
  7. Hi, I have got misting system including the high pressure pump and 6 spray nozzles. How did you fix spray nozzles in a terrarium?
  8. Yes, you are right, a climate at us sharply continental, winter to -40 С, summer to +35 С, already +28 С. I am sorry about all participants of a forum if whom I have offended, yes political correctness first of all.
  9. Bloomed my first leafless orchid Chiloschista Parishii !!! Also I obtained the carnovoropus plant of cephalotus, size thus far any, 3 cm in the diameter. I Planted it into the perforated plastic pot, hole to 1,5 cm which closed by moss, inside I put inverted small plastic perforated pot, for warning the stagnation of water, substrat is mix of torf:perlit = 2:1, soaked 2 weeks in the changed distillate.
  10. Thank's every one. Life in Siberia don't different from life in Kostroma ;) Eto stranno govorit' na angliiskom dvum russkim, zhivushim v rossii.
  11. New photos In my orchyterrarium now is bloming two ascocenda Orange ascocenda is Ascda. Sooksamran Sunlight "Banana Field" Oncidium limminghei (Psychopsiella limminghei) Howeara Lava Burst My small nepenthes grow well
  12. DroseraBoy, What is the name of this drosera?