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  1. Hi, tuberous drosera are typical winter grower. Day temperatures within 15-20 degrees Celsius and 5-10 degrees Celsius at night works perfect. But frost is too hard! It could be tolerate sometimes -2 degrees at night. But some growers told me slightly frost is no problem, but this is too risk for me. Which temps do you have day and night outside? And Indoors...... regards Tobias
  2. Hi all, in the past i have already successfully made invitro with drosera seeds. Now i would like to try with Ping seeds. Especially with Pinguicula lutea. But these are soft shelled and must not be so hard sterilised like Drosera seeds. Does anyone reveal a sterilise protocol? I would try a half strenght MS media with vitamins and pH 5.6. For most drosera seeds for example i use 20% bleach for 3min and 2 times rinse with sterile water. It works great. Many thanks and regards Tobias
  3. Hi Guy, correct! With sand i mean quartz sand 1-2mm. best regards Tobias
  4. Hi Guy, you mean soil mix? In a typical sandy peat mix, sand/peat 2/1. With a sand top dressing.
  5. Hi all, the same procedure as every year: My plants of U. menziesii showing first flowers after division and repotting. In the german cp society GFP i have posted a complete manual of this beautiful species.... best regards Tobias
  6. Hello all, can anyone tell me the flowering size of D. magnifica? best regards Tobias
  7. do you read the declaration of your peat? Its a small area on the pack. Is it fertilized? It should be H2-H5 (better H4) pH 2,5-4 And no fertilized! Some garden peat its possible, they have incl. fertilizer! Which water do you use? regards Tobias
  8. Buenos dias, my substrate are a typical sandy peat mix with a pure sand topdressing. water level 2cm with pot size 10cms in the growing period. best regards Tobias
  9. Hello and a happy new year, like every year my U. menziesii are in flower:
  10. Hallo Harro,

    ich hoffe, bei Dir gehts wieder aufwärts! Ich hätte gerne nen kleinen Red Monster, aber auch nen echten HG. Hast du noch jeweils einen?

    Ich schau mal nach nem Luna......



  11. Hi, this species makes no troubles in normal warm conditions: D. graomogolensis D. latifolia D. riparia D. tomentosa D. spiralis Use a sand/peat mix 1:1 or perlite/peat mix 1:1 with slightly watering, then no problems. Hope, this helps Best regards Tobias
  12. Hi Ron, you mean, seeds of orchioides should be shipped moist? best regards Tobias
  13. Hi, thanks all for compliments!! @ Mujinamo: what do you had for conditions? In my opinion is the tricky point only the maximum temperature and the night sinking!! When you give a maximum from 20-24 degrees C and 8 degrees night sinking, then should it give no problems..... regards Tobias