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  1. Hello all! Well Will, if the plant is stable (and i pray for it that it will be so) there is no reason to do not sell the plant. I know that the chance is not too big, but I have a little bit of hope... A lot of Dionaea growers hope that the PomPom will go in cultivation as a stable plant! As until now i never used any chemicals on this plant. If you mean herbicides as chemicals... I´ve never had any vermin on this plant, so it wasn´t necessary to use any herbicide. The plant is grown from seed, without using any other things than water, peat, sand and the sun. I will update here some pics soon and I´m very very happy to have a plant like this Best regards, Thomas
  2. Hello all! Yesterday, i detected a Red PomPom between my seedlings. Some of the traps are normal formed, but at least 2 Traps and the following have some characteristics of the Dionaea PomPom. I don´t know if anyone ever has a red PomPom in cultivation? I doesn´t know photos from this plant so far. Here are some pics, sorry for the poor quality. I´ve a new cam and i cannot handle it perfect so far ;) For information: The plants is grown be seed. I cannot say, which parents the plant had. The plant is nearly 2 1/2 years old. What do you think? Best regards, Thomas
  3. Hi JB! I´ve grow the orchids for some years now in the terraria without any problems. They grow so heavy, that i have to cut them every year. Also the orchids are flowering very well, every year 2 times... The plants are: Bulb. lasiochilum, Bulb. putidum, Cirrhopetalum makoyanum, Cirrhopetalum frostii, and the other ones i have to look! Best regards, Thomas
  4. Hey guys, hold your horses I will repot them earliest in spring 2012! Then we will see! But i´m sure there will be a lot of spares to swap with you!!! Regards, Thomas
  5. Hi guys! Here are 2 new pics from this week! I SHOULD REPOT THEM!!! :huh: Best regards, Thomas
  6. Good Morning! I groe this Nep. under lowland conditions without any problems. After some weeks in my terraria the pervillei started to produce new pitchers normally! Best regards, Thomas
  7. Hi guys! Thx for the comments! @ Martin: The Nepenthes on the left is a N. pervillei and the Nepenthes on the right is a N. campanulata x lowii. Especially the second one is amazing. It has the shape of the campanulata and the coulours of the lowii I will take some pics of both the next days! Regards, Thomas
  8. Very impressive! The plants are very huge and looking good! Thx for sharing!!! Regards, Thomas
  9. Hello! Thx for the nice comments! I will take some pictures of the whole plants the next days. Seems that the plants like my special fertiliser... Cheers, Thomas
  10. Thx guys! The measure is 120 x 40 x 50 (cm) Yes, the background is not finished, yet. I´m sure that the landscape will be modified in the next weeks... Best regards, Thomas
  11. Hello all! I´ve worked hard the last days. Now i can present you my new designed terraria. Some things changed, and maybe some of you remember the old one. But it was time for a change. Many bugs, woodlouse and other animal destroyed the most of the cork wall over the years. So I have no other choice to put all the plants out, clean the terraria and put the plants back. Here are the results, i hope you like it! I´ve made a photo series about the work of the last days. I will post them here soon! Best regards, Thomas
  12. Hello! I´ve just lookes on my roof-deck today, and i can´t believe my eyes... My purpurea "Chipola Giant" is extremly huge this year. I don´t know what this plant catch in the night, but it must be something with fertiliser... Here are some pics from today: I hope you like this one! Best regards, Thomas