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  1. 'Working'-On The-Vaguaries of CYANOPHYTA-Propagation @-The-Moment!!! >(*U^)<
  2. For The-'Second'-Year IN-R-Row ... SANTA Didn't Bring-Me R BLU-Ray!!!??? >(*~*)< Guess "I"m-NEVER Goanna-'Know' What ALL-The-Fuss Is-ABART So-To-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<

  3. http://www.honda-e.com/IPW_6_PhotoGallery/03_Drosera/PHOTO_JPEG/DryTentacle.jpg Well ... It-Looks-like Ol'-MOTHER-Nature's Given The-Great-TINITUS R-BITCHSLAP Strong-Enough to-Knock-OUT R-Few-Teeth ONTO The-Dancefloor IN-Return For-THART Somewhat Machiavellian-STUNT He-Pulled ON-Me R-few-Months-R-GO @-The-Expense of My LATE-Grandfather Methinkst so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< 'Apparently' According To HONDA If-You Such-The-Dew-OFF-of Drosera-In...
  4. From The-DISCOVERER-of-RIBBON-Tentacles &-The-'Fastest'-SUNDEW On-EARTH:"Neurodrosera-'Glanduligera" ... Please Be-'Kind' to The Other-Lecturers @-The-THIS-Year's-EEE so-to-Speak Even-If-You Have-To FEIN-Int'rest After-SEEING The-NEW-GLID-Footage so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< Ha-Har

  5. ""Providing the plant is capturing sufficient insects to provide the neccesary nitrogen to produce the protein based pigments, other factors such as growing medium are not as critical" 'Still' Stuck-IN The-'Dark'-Ages Apparently!!!??? >(*~*)< Geez ... "I"-'Thought' "I"-Use to-Be Soo-GULLIBLE ... Kept-IN-The-Dark &-Fed-ON COMPOST so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< "I dont see how cellulose is of any benefit to the plant. Its just a polymer of sugar molecules that will be slowly broken down by microbes releasing co2 and water" ... Well "I"-'Suppose' You're @-Least Acknowledging CELLULOSE to-be R-Microbial Food-Source ... so-"I'-"Suppose' THART Gets-You One-Step-Closer to-Acknowledging The-Existence of Cyanobacteria IN-CP-Soils "I"-'Suppose'. Will-You 'Enterain' The-Notion That For Cyanobacteria to-Grow-On R-Cellulose Medium WITHOUT Nitrogen they have to 'Fix'-It from The-Atmosphere Themselves so-to-Speak!!!?? Hopefully It's-R_Short-Distance From one-Brain-Cell-to-the-Next to-Consider that Instead of Breaking-Down The-Cellulose & Fixing-Nitrogen it-Would be Far Easier to-'Just' Let-The-Plant Feed-You Glucose & IN-Return-for THART Do-Something You-Can 'Do' IN-The Dark 24-7 & For The Plant to-Rely-On-R Fungus to-Obtain Carbohydtrate From the Soil that-It can Also 'Do' 24-7 so-to-speak Advantage ALL-Organisms so-to-Speak Way-to-Go Evolution Along Darwinian-Principles so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< But Then-again You-Were Never-Noted for-You 'Resistence to-NEW-Ideas Were-You so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< rr'
  6. http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/301276_2583521467096_348895423_n.jpg http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/308345_2583527387244_1226251478_3243816_1196631177_n.jpg "I"ve-'Just'-Recorded The-Production of so-Called CP-TANNINS From Newspaper-Cellulose & Later-ON Tonight "I"ll-Be Uploading An-Image of 'Pinking'-of The GUTTATION-sites IN The-STRAWBERRY Which Is Important Because One-Can Also 'Pink' The-"SNAP"-Tenticular-Architecture [iE The-'Pads'] of Drosera-burmannii In-R Similar-Fashion Which is Due-to-The Naturally HIGH-Levels of BORON IN-Aluminium as-Well-as It's Chemistry ... Which-Is Important IN-These 'Gley'-Podzolic Coastal-Plain Sites Upon-Which The-Magority of CPs From around The-World Grow so-to-Speak. Again "I"-Reiterate THART:"The CP-Syndrome Is-just The-Result of The Intereaction Between The-Chemistry-of-ALUMINIUM as-Well-as The-Ecology-of CELLULOSE" so-to-Speak. http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/307179_2581507016736_1226251478_3242454_1176407652_n.jpg Last-Night's Display of General-GUTTATION so-to-Speak. RHUBARB From Related CHERNOZEM-Sites [iE Another Half-Way-House MINERAL / ORGANIC Soils] R-Similar Poster-Child GLYCOPHYTES Have similar RED-Colouration &-R-Related with both Common RUMEX as-Well-as Their LARGE South-Ameican Cousin GUNNERA That Actually 'Do'-Contain Turkquoise-CYANOBACTERIA IN-The-Leaf-Bases of Their Stem-Cortexes so-to-Speak. It-Is My-Intention to Bring ALL All-of These Somewhat Disprut Avenues of Research INTO One Nice 'Tight' Neat-Package Via Our so-Called Toy-Plants or @-'Best' Mere-Curiosoty CPs so-to-Speak. You-'May'-like to-Wish-Me LUCK .. But-Once You're OUT-of ILL-Defined-PEAT Everything Become soo-Much-Clearer &-Eventually EASY ... Such-THART "I"-Have NO-Doubt NOW That The-Calcifuge-Barrier Can-Broken &-THART The-Romthamsted-Prize Is-'Just' R-FORMALITY IN-Recognition of Work-'Done' so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<
  7. "I"-Don't Want to-Compare The-EINSTEIN of The Chimp-World to The-'Hairest'-Person On-The-Planet so-to-Speak ... Even-though We're 'Suppose'-to-Share 98% of Our Genomes. But-"I"m 'Still' HUNGRY to-Learn The-INs-&-OUTs of The-Venus-FLYTRAP ... &-"I"m Quite-Prepared to-Be Fully-FOOLISH ABART Just-'How' "I"-Go-About-It so-to-Speak ... so-"I"Guess It's Another-Example of AESOP's:"Tortoise-&-The-Hare" so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< When-"I"m Growing Large, Colourful ... FAST-Growing CPs IN NEWSPAPER-Cellulose &-You're 'Still' Stuck-IN ILL-Defined PEAT ... "I"-'Know' Who Between The-Two-of-Us Who-Will-be Taken More-Seriously as-Well-as Command The-Most Respect so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< **** As-to The-Calcifuge-Barrier ... If-You're 'Not'-Interested IN-Determining 'Why' Some-CPs Grow-On Calcium-Rich Soils &-Others Within The-'Same'-Genus, Even, ... Detest-it ... Well All-"I"-Can Say Is THART "Something' Will Come-of-This-Kind-of-Knowledge When-it-Is Finally Uncovered so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< **** Considering The Amount-of Cyanobacteria Festooning Resplendant-Pots of Flytraps These-Days ... "I'-"Find' The-Questioning of-R-Connection Somewhat-IRONIC so-to-Speak.
  8. Anyway ... "I"ll-Try to-Eventually Match-MANTRID's-Plants IN-NEWSPAPER-Cellulose ... though "I"m More-Interested IN-Determining The-Factors That Control CYANOBACTERIAL-Growth so-to-Speak ... Since-These-Organisms R-Apparently The-Source of CP-Stature so-to-Speak ,,, Though Finding-Out What Makes-Them Grow IN-CP-Soils & Getting-Them to Enter The-Plant IN-R Symbiotic-Relationship Is-an Irksome-Task "I'-Can 'Assure'-You ... Especially When Trolling The-Net Would Suggest That One-of-Their Key-Requirements Is-CALCIUM ... An-Element CPs R-'Suppose' to-Detest so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<
  9. "I"-Was 'Thinking' LAST-Night THART-"I"-Was One-of-The-'First' to-Complain Long, Hard &-Loud ABART The-NEW CPUK-Format With Smaller Avatar-Icons Etc, Etc ... so-Again ... Is-It Possible For-People With MOZART-Vision to-Return to-The-'Old'-System so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< PLEASE OK ... With-THART Out-of-The-Way "I"d Like to-State That-"I"ve 'Had' Nearly 40-Years-Worth of Experience with Peat &-Other CP-Related Materials ... so-Unless You're using Some NEW Wonderous Moorland-GOLD Harvested-from Radioactive-Mine IN-Southern-Germany, Midland-China or the Outer-Moons-of Jupiter ... "I"-Have-to-say "I"-Personally don't 'Buy'-It ... but-Perhaps THART's 'Just'-Me. If-You-Were to-Say The-Plants Were Suffering-from: "LUXURY-Potassium-Consumption" ... "I"d-Be More-Inclined to-'Believe'-You ... For-"I"ve Always Loved-R-Good Story with Some Scientific Connection or Background so-to-Speak ... but-Again Perhaps THART's 'Just'-Me so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< Anyway "I"ll-be Interested to-See if MANTRID Can Get-His-Traps to FOUR-Inches IN-Size ... Which "I'-Doubt He'll-be Able to-Obtain If-Indeed He-IS Using High-Potassium-Levels to-Promote Colouration so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<
  10. OK ... So-We've-'Got' TWO-People Conducting TWO-'Different' Pine-Needle Experiments IN-The-'One'-POST so-to-Speak ... so-THART-May 'Explain' The-Conflicting Results ... so "I"ll Give-Apologies to BOTH-Persons. >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< That-Also Clears-UP The-Placing of The Pine-Needles ON-Top >(*U^)< OK ... Now With-THART Out-of-The-Way ... "I'-'Want'-to-'Know' Why-MANTRIDS Plants R-Soo-Colourful If-He's 'Just'-Using Sunlight &-'Normal'-PEAT so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<
  11. OUGHT Is The-Verb-of-Science so-to-Speak ... There's NO-'Must' About Anything ... You-Either 'Know' or-You INVESTIGATE & 'Find'-Out so-to-Speak. Something 'Ought'-to-Work Based ON Previous Knowledge, Research &-Investigation ... though it-May-'Not' so-to-Speak. You-Feed-or-Spray R Nitrogen-Source On-R-CP &-If-They're Eating The-Insects For-Their Nitrogen-Content ... then-They OUGHT to-Grow Bigger, Better & More-Colourfully ... but If-They Don't &-Go-INTO R-Quiescent-Phase ... Then The-Theory Needs-to-be Reaccessed &-Perhaps Modified IN-The-Light of Further-Investigation so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< If-You're-R Growing-Them Under-Lights ... Then-it-Would be More-Honest to-Photograph-Them Growing-Under-Lights so-to-Speak ... Photographing-Them Outside Could-be Considered Misleading. "I"-Have Misgivings Regarding The Moss-Growing ON Pot-A ... Considering You-R Reputedly Growing These-Plants UNDER Metal-Halides!!!??? >(*~*)<
  12. 30-Years R-Go ... When-"I"-Was R-Wee-Takker IN-My Local-Society People Use to-Say it-Was One-Thing Or-Another ... But The-'Strange'-&-Consistent-Thing Was When "I"-Conducted Experiments ... "I"-Wouldn't-Even-even Get-THEIR-Results so-to-Speak ... so-After-R-Decade "I"-Concluded They-Were EITHER Basically Having-Me-On or Talking-Out Their-ARSE so-to-Speak / BOTH? >(*~*)< ... &-THART Reinventing The-Wheel Was-Even On-The-Cards as-Yet ... For-We Barely Had-R Set-of-Spokes Let-alone R-Semblance of-R-Wheel as-Yet so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)< If-You're going to-Play The RED-Card Scenario THIS-Early IN-The-Game ... Then "I"-Would Suggest-to-Others You Haven't Learnt From Donald-E-Schnell & Joe-MAZRIMAS Regarding The-Best-Form of CP-Editorialship so-to-Speak .... &-Don't 'Deserve' The-Power as-Such ... Well @-Least 'Not'-Yet!!! >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<. Anyway ... The-Difference Between You-&-"I" ... Is-THART ... All Along My-Journey "I"-Have Given-Away Crucial-Bits of-Information Away For-FREE, Left-Avenues OPEN For-Others to-Further or-More-Fully Investigate &-Have Consistently Tried to Not-Only Refine-Technique as-Well-as Develop An Overlying Theory Consistent with Field-Experience as-Well-as The-Generalised Knowledge-&-Theories of-Our Current-Times so-to-Speak ... but It's-'Hard' to-Give Credit Where Credit Is Due ... When You're The-Only-One Basically Doing ALL-The-Work ... as-The-Sentiments of Colin-CLAYTON Have Echoed IN The-Recent-Past so-to-Speak. "I"-Have Fought-'Hard' to-Get OUT-of-PEAT ... R-Medium THART-Scientists Regard With-The-Same-Amount of Scorn as-Our Plants as-Well-as Our Hobby so-to-Speak IN-Order to-Apply & Activate The-Scientific-Method IN-R-More Define & Consistent-Medium so-to-Speak. This-Is-Partly Why "I"-Am So IRKED by Your Experimentation IN-Peat &-Pine-Needles Not-'Just' The-Fact That "I"ve Been-THERE Before so-to-Speak ... But More-for The-Fact That Your Results Will Just-be Poo-Poohed / Mocked & Scorned ON-The-Same-Ol'-Basis THART You're Using An ILL-Defined &-Inconsistent Medium to-Base-Your Results such-as PEAT so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)<
  13. Well ... To-Be HONEST ... "I"m Very-'Suspicious' of-You MOBILE ... "I"m-Setting-UP Another Experiment Tomorrow ... &-Depending On-The-Outcome "I'-Reckon "I"ll-Have-You ON-Jam-&-Toast so-to-Speak ... so "I"m Giving-You This 'One'-Chance to-Come Clean so-to-Speak or-Suffer The-Consequences If-Need-Be so-to-Speak!!!??? >(*~*)< / >(*U^)<