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  1. why exactly? again just a preciction by more doom and gloomers
  2. this is a very important point. and one of the main reasons I voted to leave the sinking ship. we are in a great posit6on now to get all our renegotiations done before france and germany will be doing the same in the future when the eu collapses
  3. you are conveniently not taking into account the advice from all the leave experts.
  4. how can you say your predictions are reality. they havent happened yet
  5. we buy more from eu than sell to them. they will be only to happy to renegotiate trade deals with us, probably on similar terms as before. now the whole world is our market on our terms, not dictated too by unelected bureaucrats that we know nothing about. anyway enough said as time will tell
  6. exactly. we managed fine before the eu and we will manage fine now. problem is many people here are too young to remember this so are filled with fear as theyve never known a uk outside of the eu.
  7. what do you actually mean by free access to the eu market. Most countries in the world trade with the eu. they dont have to let eu citizens enter their countries to live and work and these countries that trade with the eu dont pay any kind of a fee for the privilage of doing business with it. we will simply become one of those other dozens of countries.
  8. what is your source of information that says the eu will stop sharing information on criminals and vise versa
  9. Love to see your sources for this information. One of the advantages of leaving the eu is that we dont have let anyone in that the uk doesnt need its as simple as that. We buy more from the eu than we sell to them. They will be happy and grateful to deal with us on our terms
  10. 1.7 or 2 im not going to quibble over 0.3. plus there are people not in employment who are not job seekers
  11. Talking about issue of immigration isnt racist. its a genuine concern that has been clearly shown with this referendum result
  12. not wanting immigrants coming here doesnt make you a racist. you are confused and deluded if you cant see the difference racism and common sense. What is the logic behind letting in an uncontrolled number of unskilled workers when there are already 2 million people here who can do those jobs. And before you say 'they dont want to do the work', yes there are a lazy percentage but not two million of them. Letting others in uncontrolled just increases an already over populated country and puts even more pressure on our services and resources. Now we are in an idea position to be able to let in people who we actually need such as doctors and nurses.
  13. young ants are the same size as adults. the larva stage is where they do the growing. At this stage they are not moving around but are laid out in nurseries and dependent on the adults. They look like grubs and nothing like the adult. When they have grown to the size of adults or bigger then they change to a pupa, at which stage they take on the shape of full size adults. so the new ants start off full size.