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  1. Ive used clover and forkers without any problems.
  2. there are many plants in that pot. Just tip them out and pull them apart. D. capensis grows like a weed, it seeds very easily.
  3. If it breaks down into ammonia. then that is broken down by bacteria into nitrites which are further converted to nitrates which is essentially plant food. So may harm sensitive carnivorous plants but is great for other plants. You could test the product on a single sacrificial CP to see the effcts before risking your whole collection
  4. mantrid

    Hello !

    did you cultivate microdenT? Its a very good cultivar. I had one and lost it for a number of years. Begining of this summer a small plant appeared in an empty pot that I was going to throw away. But i left this plant thinking that it was just a stray seed that was growing. When it got bigger I could see that it was my missing microdent that must have recovered from a piece of the surviving rhizome
  5. most plants require wavelenghs in the blue and red part of the spectrum
  6. Thanks pirks The wind always blow up or down the valley ie parallel to the river and therefore parallel to the wall, so up to now it has never happened. They are also low and very heavy with water in the trays.
  7. The sun was shining and my Venus Flytraps were looking good in the light. They are grown outdoors all summer and so are slow to reach their best. A few more weeks and I think they will be there.
  8. what plants are you growing in it and what was the organic manure used?
  9. very nice. they compliment each other really well.
  10. I think you have found your answer. That would be classed as hard water. Your options would be to collect rain water or buy distilled or reverse osmosis water available from many Aquarium shops, or the equipment to make your own. If you have an air conditioner or dehumidifier you can use the water from that as it is the same as distilled water, or even the frost and ice on the walls of your freezer compartment (but NOT water from the tap that you have made ice cubes from)
  11. If you pass your water through an ion exchnge column then I think it should be ok. I dont use them so know nothing about them. Have you checked that its working properly and that anything in it that needs changing has been changed. Does it get saturated and need replenishing on a regular basis? Those figures look low to me but im no expert. The chlorine is high but thats because its added to the water to kill germs. Most growers even using soft tap water will boil or allow the water to stand overnight so the chlorine evaporates out.
  12. The company who supplies your water will usually have data on the water chemistry on their website or you could ring them. The media you grow them in does not need to be sterile it just needs to be free of salts and fertilisers. VFT growers tend to use 100% sphagnum moss peat rather than general purpose peat-based composts. Another tip to help a plant in your condition is to plant it in living sphagnum moss as it has antiseptic qualities (i think because of the acidic condtions it produces) that can protect your plants from infection.
  13. Hard to see. you will know if the roots are rotted because they will be soft and squishy and often have become flat. Live roots are firmer and rounded. I wouldnt mess with it cutting bits off. It will just stress it more. Just repot in appropriate compost, normal plant compost has fertilizers in it so is not suitable. If you have used normal compost this might be the problem. Also it might benefit by not being so wet. In my experience the compost doesnt need to saturated so long as its damp it should be fine. But initially when you repot it do give it some water to ensure the compost washed in around the roots properly then let it drain until it is just damp. Good lock with it, but if its dead in the centre it probably wont survive. However, Ive had plants in that state and they have recovered by growing a new plant from bits of the remaining green leaves. But do check your water and compost first
  14. what do you mean by filtered? You need to check its hardness ie how much dissolved salts are in it. Normal filtering wont remove these. I would take it out of pot wash roots in distilled or rain water, repot then only water with rain, distilled, reverse osmosis water. But looking at the brown in the centre of your plant I think it may be too late for that one
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