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  1. Why not? This plant is a beauty and the auction is for a good cause. It's not finished to rise, I guess ;)
  2. Hello, I'm working on a short text about carnivorous plants, which includes a brief history of the concept of vegetable carnivory. The beginning is very classical: Ellis described Dionaea muscipula at the end of the XVIIIth century (the original text can be found online) and says that this plant may be carnivorous; he sent this description to Linnaeus. A few weeks afterwards, Linnaeus wrote a letter to Ellis, which says that he has been very impressed. These letters can be found on The Linnaean correspondence. However, everybody knows that Linnaeus finally rejected the idea that the VFT may be carnivorous. It's written in every book about CPs, even in Hooker's The carnivorous habits of plants, But never with a citation. I've been unable to find where and when Linnaeus stated about the carnivory of D. muscipula, what he said precisely, and what counter-arguments he opposed to Ellis. That's frustrating. Does anyone know? Thanks :)
  3. I bought them seeds of a N. distillatoria hybrid once. They germinated well. By the way, I think it's the same nursery as the ebay seller "siam-cat-shop".
  4. Hello, many thanks for your advices. At least for the time being, I will just wait and try to allow it to flower. However, if the plant begins to show any sign of weakness, I will hear the voice of the reason and cut it down. Dicon, I'll have a look at the rules of the sex register, thanks.
  5. Hi, A few weeks ago, I received a N. campanulata plant, originating from Wistuba. It has been stressed by the change of cultivation set-up, and also because the weather has been rather cold here recently (I've now added a heating cable in my terrarium, but my lowland Nepenthes collection has experienced some rather cold temperatures during a few days before I did so). This has caused it to start blooming: In fact, I hesitate to cut down this flower stalk because the plant still looks rather strong: Furthermore, my N. veitchii (theoretically a highland plant but it's doing great with my lowlands) is starting to bloom too: I was wondering why this plant has been looking so poor since I moved (during the spring), while all my other neps are up and running for a couple of months now... Now I understand! I already know that my N. veitchii is a boy. So, I've got 2 questions: 1, does somebody know if Wistuba sales only one clone of N. campanulata, and, if so, what sex it is? 2, what do you think of this situation? Thanks ;)
  6. impressive! What is this pretty one? (et si t'en as un bout en trop... ;))
  7. you're not alone ;) £30 Shouldn't we overbid only the higher previous offer, people? That would be much more fair...
  8. Hi, I can't be sure, but this one reminds me N. ampullaria x N. bellii. Nice plants!