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  1. Yes 32mm is expensive but for lowland greenhouse it is very interesting ( save money and growing). Icarus not problem , later I shall post photos of the mother foot and Nico this hybrid is tentaculata x aristo . Thank again for the nice comments !
  2. 4mm for the polycarbonate is too thin , 16mm or 32mm is good because in winter if the heating don't stop never you will have problems with the humidity (and beautiful invoice ) . Also for the roof you can replace the polycarbonate by of the méthacrylate and have a better luminosity .
  3. For the temperatures , it's easy : I have one electric heating in lowland part and I redistribute the heat with ventilations in the highland part . The important is thermal insulation that allow to have a maximum control , steadies temperatures in lowland and a difference night/day in highland . Here is few photos during the construction :
  4. Thank again for your comments ! Johns this fern is in principle Phymatopteris triloba , it 's an invasive specie from Lake Toba .
  5. Thank you for the nice comments ! Icarus the first plant is izumiae x truncata and for the second is a surprising form of ventricosa x x trusmadiensis .
  6. Hi all , here is few photos of my Nepenthes and other :
  7. Ho good Louis , your peltata grow really , really well and Jeremiah your hybrid is very interesting , the mature plant will impressive. I'll take photos of my peltata and I have also an hybrid but the identity is unknown ...perhaps peltata x truncata but I have a doubt !
  8. Salut Ketama , tu vas te faire taper sur les doigts mon grand , c'est un forum anglais donc le minimum est d'écrire en anglais .Malheureusement pour nous l'anglais est plus généralisé que le français , c'est la langue universelle Il ya plein de gens du monde entier sur ce forum et si tout le monde se mets à écrire avec sa langue natale vois le bordel ! En tout cas tu as un joli cephalo et trouve quelqu'un pour t'aider , présenter une plante qui te tiens à coeur et pas bien difficile !
  9. Ho yes Papilio you have a beautiful result , i'm jealous of your hybrid! Here is my peltata :
  10. Thank you very much for your nice comments ! [email protected] : I'll put on names and I'll reply in the day for the MP ! Greetings
  11. Hi everyone , here are Nepenthes for this spring , I hope that you'll like that : The keeper of the greenhouse , Mr.Bungle:
  12. Hi all , for me , it's ephippiata (bellii x ampullaria) for the little size of the pitcher and the peristom form but perhaps that ephippiata is cross-bred with an other species : (ephippiata x hurrelliana) x (bellii x ampullaria) Here is the lower pitcher of bellii x ampullaria :
  13. Your Nep. are very beautiful but what's the rafflesiana clone ?
  14. Hi Iggi , your D.hartmeyerorum is very nice ... Me too , I have seedling of this specie and I 'm very impatient to see they at maturity . Do you have advices to cultivate this plant or it's a easy specie?