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  1. Hi. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your help Tropicbreeze, Napraforgo and Gardenofeden. U. monanthos seems to be perfect for me. Utricularia leptorhyncha and nivea also seem to be good. U. minutissima 'Gunung Jerai' is much lower than U. minutissima 'Gunung tahan', but unfortunately I can't find it. I found only one person who has it but he is currently not available. Wow, I didn't know that Utriularia can be as low as simmonsii, extraordinary. I am wondering also about: u. delicatula and u. lateriflora. Thanks!
  2. Hi Agroo88! Thanks for the information. It is very helpful for me.
  3. Hello :)Are there any terrestrial utricularia that usually do not grow above 10 cm (or max a little higher) ? Could you tell me what species ( species from which origin / locations) are so low? I am thinking of fairly easy-growing species that bloom quite often over the course of the year, however they don't have to bloom profusely. Maybe some origin of u. pusilla, pubescens, sandersonii, bisquamata ... ? What are your suggestions? I will be very grateful for your help.
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