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  1. Cirtainly greener then mine. Looks great. Hope my next lot of seeds grow as good
  2. Cheers for replying. I just get the impression that when they 1st sprouted they were nice n strong n nice shade of green but as times gone on all slowly looked washed out or bleached.most have died but even surviving ones look bleached so im still not holding my breath. Did you try shielding fron full sun when strong sun anyway? Thats my next trial. Got some more seeds so will try a few different methods.. like less direct sun, different mixes of media, under cover or exposed.
  3. Why you say that? The white bits not mildew.. I doubt they dont get enough circulation as ive tried to mske sure they get as much as possible outside
  4. Hi thanks for your replies.. Ive covered them with a propagator and lost a few so tried without a cover but both times in full sun and still lost a few. Ive got them in a coldframe but i open it during the day so they dont cook. Im kind of happy you say full sun might be the problem as thats what ive been thinking in the last week or 2... Heres some photos taken this morning in day light..
  5. This photo was taken about 4 weeks ago so this is aprox when they were at their peak and before i sprinckled sulphur over them but to be clear i was loosing them before the sulphur sprinckling
  6. . I suppose i could have been clearer but thought id give only the info that could be useful. Im sure its not insects or fungus nats as had a spell of them a few years back and the soil is the same peatmoss ive used for my cp plants which is partly mixed with perlite. Ive also recently sprinckled some sulphur powder on top the eliminate the possibility that i was loosing the vft seedlings from mildew though i dont think i have had mildew. Ive got a photo but not sure how to put it on here. My concern is perhaps theyve been getting to much sun ( as theyre not shielded) . Perhaps the peat is maybe to damp or wet but ive kept the seedlings as well watered as my adult plants Cheers n hope ive supplied enother info. I might need to say that i know it looks like mildew on this photo but its the sulphur powder which turning white.
  7. I got about 50 mixed vft seeds (real vft ) had them about 20 ish so far sprout. Trouble is im loosing them. Ive only got 4 left that might make it a bit longer and a few more seeds might be shooting roots now but im worried ill loose them. Ive kept adult vfts on n off for years and they seem a doddle compared to the seedlings. Whats your opinion on light. Should i leave them in good humidity in full sun (its been pretty hot in uk lately) or do you think strong sun can cook them ?only use natural light in a cold frame but if hot i open the frame up
  8. They look great. Are you using artificial light or natural light n heated or unheated greenhouse?
  9. Where's the best place to get cp seeds as ebay seem full of the dodgy seeds? Ps if any one wants to swap some vft seeds or cutting and or any sundew/ sarrancenia seeds then I've got a nepenthes cutting I can give as the swap ?
  10. Thanks for replying. Well the seeds I got from China ebay look very similar to your picture though probably not identical. They got that gel appearance after I watered them,within minutes...
  11. A billion to one shot I suppose but any one wish to comet on what they might be?
  12. Hi all... A mate of mine gave me some venus flytrap seeds which started me buying more seeds online from China for more carnivorous plant seeds.. When I received the seeds from China they at 1st looked about right so planted them, ( they weee supposed to be a mix of vfts and sundews) but after about 5 min later of watering them I noticed the seeds have an appearance of miniature frogspawn or as if the seeds are covered in a gel coat. (Top pic ) Also my mates vft seeds were planted a few weeks back but look nothing like vfts.Could the seedlings be sarracenia perhaps? (Bottoman pic ) top pic are seeds from China but don't think they're vft o
  13. i got a a nepenthes ( one of the easy to grow ones) and its showing seed pods. i don't have anther plant to pollinate them other then the off shuts on the same plant (off shutes not seeding though). will they self pollinate or am i better off cutting the seed pods off ??
  14. i got a few plants of vfts they are nearly all just the comon type but i let them flower so i have more seeds left over then i can not to keen on just throwing them away so if any one is after a few then i will happily give them in the uk so probly best to uk adresses... let me know and i will just ask for a stamped adressed envelope ect
  15. ive got a few vfts now and ofcause all of them now are in flower.i wont cut them off as i want the seed ,,, im getting traps just below the flower on the stem on most of my bigger vfts.. is this normal ???? this is the 1st time its happened like this... if it is normal when should i try to cut the traps off to get them to grow their own roots ???