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  1. Where's the best place to get cp seeds as ebay seem full of the dodgy seeds? Ps if any one wants to swap some vft seeds or cutting and or any sundew/ sarrancenia seeds then I've got a nepenthes cutting I can give as the swap ?
  2. Thanks for replying. Well the seeds I got from China ebay look very similar to your picture though probably not identical. They got that gel appearance after I watered them,within minutes...
  3. A billion to one shot I suppose but any one wish to comet on what they might be?
  4. Hi all... A mate of mine gave me some venus flytrap seeds which started me buying more seeds online from China for more carnivorous plant seeds.. When I received the seeds from China they at 1st looked about right so planted them, ( they weee supposed to be a mix of vfts and sundews) but after about 5 min later of watering them I noticed the seeds have an appearance of miniature frogspawn or as if the seeds are covered in a gel coat. (Top pic ) Also my mates vft seeds were planted a few weeks back but look nothing like vfts.Could the seedlings be sarracenia perhaps? (Bottoman pic ) top pic are seeds from China but don't think they're vft o
  5. i got a a nepenthes ( one of the easy to grow ones) and its showing seed pods. i don't have anther plant to pollinate them other then the off shuts on the same plant (off shutes not seeding though). will they self pollinate or am i better off cutting the seed pods off ??
  6. i got a few plants of vfts they are nearly all just the comon type but i let them flower so i have more seeds left over then i can not to keen on just throwing them away so if any one is after a few then i will happily give them in the uk so probly best to uk adresses... let me know and i will just ask for a stamped adressed envelope ect
  7. ive got a few vfts now and ofcause all of them now are in flower.i wont cut them off as i want the seed ,,, im getting traps just below the flower on the stem on most of my bigger vfts.. is this normal ???? this is the 1st time its happened like this... if it is normal when should i try to cut the traps off to get them to grow their own roots ???
  8. jez_z3

    Water Propagation

    i had a go with the water method and it realy does work... i accidently broke off a leaf/stem from my vft and put it in a tube with water and it rooted and is now in a pot doing very well...ive now decided to try it on my ceph and neps too...the ceph looks more like taking but the neph isnt looking hopeful ... tho i did try last year nephs in a larger container of water and gave it lots of air and the woody stem bit rooted and took but the younger green stem died back and never recovered..
  9. yes the mother plant is doing very well plus it encouraged 2 side shoots to spring up too !cutting bach has made the mother plant look less spinely and ive made 2 more from the ofcuts!
  10. my nep i took cuttings in oct and the 2 cuttings and plant look fine.. the woodier stem cutting has now produced roots and so ive planted it in a very damp soil (i will go drier soon) but the other hasnt got visible roots yet so ive left this still in the water (im using water method) but it is still looking healthy! ive got all mine in a heated propergator but during the day i take the top off and put back at night..
  11. my nep cuttings i took 2 months ago.. they are growing new leaves or new shoots but i cannt see any roots coming yet. i decided to be brave and use the water method. apears to be working other then the roots.i could do with some artificial light i gueese though !
  12. ive just started some earlier this year from seed. they are a dodle..lots of light and moist to wet conditions i find have been best. i have mine in an outside tropicle fishtank now a tererium.i put clear glass on top not all the way but it was always warm inside..when it was a hot day i would just water them even more so the water temp kept the temp down
  13. i wondered if the heat or WARM (haha) would make it more incline to rot faster ?
  14. ok. but will room temp be better or will the worm seed tray propergator be best? yes i have lighting to help ! some have said that the winter or autumn leaves can be better sometimes as the leaf stem is fatter. i posted a similar post last year and some one said he takes them in automn too n no probs. but i do take your point as the vft will be at its best n fastest growth in spring n summer..
  15. funny you say that as mine are doing better then any other time. i supose one plant is beginning relace leaves smaller but the rest look super still. i do keep mine in an outside terrerium,basicly a large fishtank with more glass on top. i take the cuutings in doors and use extr light as i have a few neps too which im also trying the water method to root. they have a bit of gental warmth and i give them extra light too. i have noticed that in just room temp with the water the sundew cutting stayed green but then i i put the vft,sundew cuttings with the nep on the worm tray (seed propergatoer) and noticed that all except the nep has less green even after just 3 days..