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  1. Hmm I haven't ever met with such situation. In my country CP are something uncommon - I noticed that they just started being sold in shops. For my friends and family those plants are also new, but they have never said that they are insects killers etc. They support me and help as much as they can. Maybe you should familiarize your family with those plants, so maybe they won't be so sceptical.
  2. Hello Martin! It is so nice to have you on this forum :) I am also a big fan of carnivorous plants and at the beginning I also had only a fly catcher :) Now I am exchanging my seeds/seedlings with others to expand my collection. You should try it!
  3. Hello everyone! I was considering if I can take my carnivorus plants outside? I live in a flat so I can take them to balcony. Maybe fresh air will be good for them, but I am a bit worried if it won't damage them. In natural conditions they live only outside, but such change..can it be dangerous for them? Now they are in room situated in south side, balcony is situated in west side.
  4. hello everybody! Previously I was asking you what plants need terrarium. I thought that I will try to do one on my own. Now I wanted to ask you what I should remember about and how to create it. If you have some tutorials I will be grateful.
  5. Hello everyone. I was curious, what is your method of watering orchids? I know that there are many of them. If it goes to me, I make them a "bath" once week in boiled water. I put them in water for 10 minutes and then I leave them to dry. Once a two weeks I add fertilizer to the water. What about you? What method are you using?
  6. I was reading a lot about terrariums for carnivorous plants and I deduced that not every plant have to be put here. Is it true? What carnivorous plants must be put here? Do you have such terrarium?
  7. I have got in my collection 4 pinguicula kondoi, one pinguicula martinezii and to pinguicula agnata. I know that these plants prefer acid or alkaline soil, so I grow them now in basis that I prepared (it is a mixture of acid peat, gravel and sand). Now my plants tolerate it, but I know that it isn't the best for them. What are their soil requirements? What mixture should I prepare for them that will be the best?
  8. Hello! I bought two sarracenias on carnivorous plants festival. They are similar, but they differ in terms of thickness and height.. Do you know what kind of sarracenias are they? I think that those are different varieties. Hope that you can help.
  9. Hello everyone A few months ago I bought two sarracenias that you can see on the photos I attached. However, I would like to propagate them. Can you tell me how to do it? I am not so good in this subject and I don't want to damage them. Waiting for your ideas.
  10. Hayley5


    Hello everyone! My name is Hayley, as you can see in my nickname:) I am 21 years old girl living in Wales. Here, I have got my indoor garden! Few cactuses, carnivorous plants, some herbs and many other plants. However, carnivorous are my favourite. Flycatcher is a must have for every gardener, but I have also sarracenias and one that name I don't remember now! I am really happy to be here with you, hope that I will find here interesting information and answers for my questions:)!