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  1. Visited Termonbarry today, had some trouble finding the sarracenia at first and only managed to find sphagnum and drosera rotundifolia. After some driving around and walking through the bog I managed to find a handful of sarracenia purpurea, I was actually quite surprised that I only found a dozen or so plants, and it didn't look like they'd be there for long. Less than 100 meters away the bog was being cut away and the soil around the purps was very dry and there were more dead dried up purps than nice healthy ones. And on top of that, most of the sphagnum moss was dead. Anyway, here are a few pictures, one or two more of the same plants following in a week or two.
  2. Hello, A couple of photographs from my plants, nothing spectacular yet, but I will be updating this thread throughout the entire growing season Some pictures from last year, And some pictures from this year
  3. Hello everyone, As I'm going to Ireland in a couple of weeks, I was wondering whether anyone knows a nice location with cp's. I'll be passing Roscommon and on several growlists I've seen purps listed from Roscommon. I also read in the book "Carnivorous plants of Britain and Ireland" that there are darlingtonia to be found, and I would love to see darlingtonia if possible. Preferably locations that you've seen recently or that you know still exist, as I don't have a massive amount of time to go looking all over the countryside incase something happened to the site. If someone knows a nice location I'd love to hear from you, a message by pm is also appreciated if you don't want to share the location. Thanks in advance, Rory
  4. I personally cut away the pitcher to a small amount under the brown bit. If 2/3 of the pitcher is brown I usually cut half of the pitcher off. The pitchers that look healthy are just left on completely, at least until the plant has produced new pitchers to replace them
  5. Tried this and aquarium sand for my pygmy drosera, and the plants in the pool filter sand are doing great so far, I've also planted some sarracenia in this sand to see how they do this summer. Might be difficult to see, but the pot on the right has the pool filter sand. In that pot the plants are way healthier, lots of new growth etc. and in the other pot (with gemmae that were planted 3 weeks earlier) the plants haven't even made a carnivorous leaf yet. The pot on the right also has less algae. (Sorry for the bad picture, quickly took it with my phone) I never tested the sand (simply forgot) and so far it seems to be fine.
  6. Finally got my money back, it took a while but at least the problem is solved now
  7. Just made a facebook account and sent him a message, hopefully the problem will be solved soon. I guess getting facebook was inevitable............
  8. Which email did he mention? Because he didn't answer any emails on
  9. Hello, More than 2 months ago (almost 3) I ordered and paid for some plants on this webshop, but I haven't heard since. I sent an email, called him on several occasions and sent him a pm via the dutch forum, but he never responded or picked up. Does anyone else have any problems with this webshop or know of ways to contact him other than the ways listed on his website? Thanks,
  10. From the album Rory's plants

    My first autumn pitcher on my leucophylla "helmuts's delight"
  11. From the album Rory's plants

    The first pitcher I got on my alata ( mk a23, Texas)
  12. Over here the plant only produced seeds in the flowers from spring, the flowers from autumn just died a week after they finished blooming.
  13. I wouldn't worry about it as one of my flava's did it last year and flowered again this spring. The same plant had some nice pitchers and for some reason is flowering again at the moment. On another plant which made flower buds I cut them off but it didn't make a difference either way in my case, the only difference being that one of the plants bloomed in autumn in between all of the dying pitchers of the plant
  14. Once again thank for all of the advice. Thanks to all of the comments I have decided which greenhouse to buy. It's a Janssens Helios Victorian 236 x 310cm, a dutch brand. I chose this one as it has high eaves, should be very sturdy, has a good amount of vents, is the maximum size I can accomodate and it looked nicer than most of the greenhouses I saw for a similar price. Once I have it in a couple of weeks and put it together with some help of others I'll post some pictures of it with my plants. Regards, Rory
  15. Thanks for all of the advice everyone! I really appreciate it! I'm not sure what brand I want but with all of the information as what is useful I can start looking around which ones are suitable. Are there any brands that any of you would recommend? I had a look at a few Robinsons as some people recommended these but they were quite expensive and I would prefer something slightly cheaper. Of course the brands might be slightly different here in the Netherlands compared to the UK.