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  1. Hi everyone, Having successfully germinated a couple of seeds (highlanders) in lowland conditions and 95% humidity and artificial light, I now wonder WHEN I should place the pot in a colder area (in my highlanders terrarium in my case). All info would be welcome, as I feel this part of the growth is (for me at least) the hardest! So thanks in advance for your experienced advice :-) Olivier
  2. et tu viens d'où? malheureusement pas de réunion suisse cette année... à propos, tu connais le groupe suisse sur FB? Olivier (La Chaux-de-Fonds)
  3. Salut Vince, es-tu romand? Il y a déjà un "Vince" sur des forums FB. Vincent Fiechter à tout hasard ;-) Bienvenue sur cpuk! Olivier
  4. Hello, would you be interested in exchanging D. Linearis for D. anglica?
    1. olivier marthaler

      olivier marthaler


      sorry, I have both species.


      Still have both for sale (seeds)



  5. Hi Olivier,

    i'm interestin to buy Darlingtonia Californica Seed

    Any left?

    Regards from Sweden


  6. Hi Olivier,

    i'm interestin to buy Darlingtonia Californica Seed

    Have you available?

    Regards from Spain


  7. ... had our first real frost this morning ;-) but here also, far too dry, 900ml instead of 1500 normally for a year...
  8. So I guess in Portugal you have warmer conditions... :-) good luck my friend! OL
  9. Hi Darlingtoniae lovers, For the first year, a couple of large Darls have developed a *second* bud in the year. Due to a warm summer + Indian summer (drawing to a close now), the buds are approx 5-7 cm tall. My plants will hibernate around 3-10°C and I guess the buds will not grow then. So my question: Should I remove these buds to save energy for the plants, or would you think they could grow in the springtime? All answers will be appreciated! Thanks a lot already, OL
  10. ... so far, not at all, no bigger than "regular" seedlings of the same age...
  11. terrific plant indeed ;-) OL
  12. Hi fellow Darlingtoniae growers! In January 2014 (or December 13, not sure) I bought seeds of Darlingtonia "giant x giant" on eBay uk, from someone called "Colin". Of course i didn't keep track of this transaction... and now that seedlings are growing, I'd like to contact "Colin" for further information about his seeds. So does any of you know about him? or about his batches of seeds + origins? Thanks already for your help, and best regards from Switzerland, Olivier
  13. Sorry picol and tatter, I was not clear when I mentioned "shelves". Pots would be placed in trays on which fresh air has free access. Simply no direct light... Hope I am writing things more precisely this time :-) Thanks for your advice in all cases, OL