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  1. I used to use bleach (calcium hypochlorite) for seed sterilization, but have moved away from it since PPM seems to be much more effective. Bleach would be successful about 90% of the time, whereas PPM has been 100% successful (so far). Strangely, i found N.inermis seed to be the most difficult to sterilize - I went through a few failed batches of these, sterilizing with bleach, before moving to PPM. If you catch the contamination early enough you can usually save most of the batch by picking out the affected seeds, re-sterilizing and re-plating. I tend to move any seedlings which germinate to
  2. Try sterilizing your seeds by soaking them in a 1:10 mix of PPM and water (1ml ppm and 10ml DI water). I let the nepenthes seeds soak in this PPM solution for 24 hours, then drain the PPM off and place the seeds on culture media containing 1ml/litre of PPM. I've had zero contamination problems since moving to this method. The PPM sterilization solution can be reused i you keep it refrigerated. Germinating Nepenthes seeds in tissue culture really is worth the extra effort, once you sort out any contamination problems.