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  1. Real nice, big and healty plants!

  2. Mantis

    Drosera & Heliamphora Open Day

    Breathtaking plants! Keep up the good work
  3. Mantis

    some Tissue culture pics :-)

    Nice cultures and pics!!
  4. Mantis

    black death

    Sorry to hear this Jens! Real painfull to see!!
  5. Mantis

    Cupped Trap instanity!

    Very nice results! Keep up the good work!!
  6. Mantis

    Forum Sales Negative Feedback

    I understand that some people get a lot of messages. But as soon there is a business agreement I believe that is important to be clear about the transaction. There can always be circumstances why things don't go as planned or promised but with al little more communication it wouldn't be a problem! I'm not implying that Andy is a dishonest person but I do regret the fact that he has not replied my pm's or mail. And to everyone that are selling plants....... without you a lot of us wouldn't have all these wonderfull plants! All I am asking is to try to see the buyer's point a view. I don't want to compare plants with other products but in the end they are. If you buy something like a mobile phone and the seller doesn't respond wouldn't you want to know what was going on? I will wait till he contacts me. Update: Andy has contacted me. Plants are on their way.
  7. Mantis

    Forum Sales Negative Feedback

    I was reluctant to post in this topic but didn't know where else to put it. Andy told me he was recovering or at least was fit enough to post the plants. He has visited the forum so he could have let me know through pm or mail that he wasn't able to send the plants on the 14th. I can't tell if he fell ill again or is on one of his journeys. The last message was that the plants would be posted. So when they still haven't arrived after 50 days I started to worry plants were lost during shipping. So I pm-ed and mailed him to ask about the plants. I'm not frustrated about not getting plants asap. If my post has to be moved to a more suitable place..........
  8. Mantis

    Forum Sales Negative Feedback

    Hello, Just wanted to ask if anyone has heard from Andy Smith (An D Smith). I've ordered and paid for some plants on 25th of August. On September the 14th he replied a pm that he was recovering from the flu and that he would send the plants that day. But still no plants and he doesn't answer my pm's or mail.
  9. Mantis

    Some greenhouse Pictures

    Looking great! And enough room to expand!!!
  10. Mantis

    Finger staining!!!

    This is also the first time I hear of this phenomenon. Have you tried any solutions for removing Henna of Hair Dye?
  11. Mobile, I don't run the fogger continuously. I haven't found any good info about a running cycle. I came accross a forum message with the advice to time how long it takes to fill the container and how long it takes for all the fog to dissapear adding an extra 5 minutes and use these as on/of. Because I don't have any spare minute/second timer, I now let the fogger run for 15 minutes every 3 hours. I know that this isn't the best solution. Will get a minute timer to run it a smaller intervalls. Currently I don't add nutrients to the water because I first want to see if the Nepenthes will tolerate the change in moisture, temperature and light in comparison to my Highland terrarium.
  12. I very much enjoyed the articles in the The Carnivorous Plant Society news by Tim Bailey about deep water culture and hydroponics. His experiment with a vft looked very promising. I currently have set up a deep water culture bucket/pot with a few Darlingtonia and a small container with a Nepenthes and a ultrasonic fogger. Good luck with your experiment!
  13. Mantis

    Identification for 3 Nepenthes

    Here are some more shots of the plants. A B Flowerstalk New pitcher C
  14. Mantis

    Identification for 3 Nepenthes

    I hope someone can point me into the right direction of the names of these Nepenthes. The last one is a cutting but the motherplant doesn't have any pitchers to show. A B C