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  1. Go to hantsflytrap, he is selling Hummer's Giant seedlings
  2. I repot my VFTs from December. I don't repot once they begin their new spring growth
  3. Which SL cultivar is this one? I have some SL003 x SL003 seedlings growing, just wondered if this is the same?
  4. Jaws smiley, monkey ass, wacky traps, some pygmy vfts?
  5. Ok thanks everyone. I shall increase duration of light from 8 hours to about 14-16
  6. Think I will try to keep them under grow lights for the moment until there is more sunshine. Not had a sunny day here for a few weeks at least
  7. I have a couple of tuberous sundews - peltata and auriculata, about 5cm tall which are growing under lights at the moment for 8-10 hours a day. Ideally I want to keep them outside in the greenhouse so they can get natural light. But I think it is too cold for them. Temperatures where I am are about 7 celcius at max and at night can be freezing. Do you think they will put on much growth at those temperatures? Obiously if it is going to be close to freezing, I will take them inside
  8. their name is Triffid Traps. Have a cephalotus trap as their picture
  9. they are based in Essex. If you look at their facebook page. Had a look on google maps at the site I think they have and it seems like they have 4 or 5 massive greenhouses
  10. Has anyone used before? I am looking to get some rarer VFT cultivars this year and according to their growlist on their own forum, they have literally hundreds of varieties. Also have lots of cephalotus and pgymy sundews.
  11. Thanks for your posts. Johns, your Tina is looking very nice. I've uploaded a picture of each of my plants. It looks like they are both starting to produce smaller leaves, however, they are still sticky ie. carnivorous.
  12. Very nice looking plant. I have a Utricularia praelonga which put up its flower stalk last year but then failed to develop any flowers. Not entirely sure why that was though
  13. I have had a ping x tina for a couple of years and when I first got it from the local garden centre it had a couple of flowers. However, since then its never flowered again. My other mexican pings are all producing their succulent winter leaves just now but Tina refuses to do so. Does the plant need cooler temperatures than an unheated east facing windowsill for it to start producing its winter leaves? Also if anyone has a picture of what the plant looks like with its winter leaves, I'd be delighted Thanks