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  1. Soil looks far to dry I agree with jozef and werds! Keep it evenly moist throughout out the growing season backing off a tad if yours has a dormancy! Soil may be to dried out now so replace soil with equal parts peat perlite and sand
  2. Hello Jose, welcome to the forum great bunch of people on here! Sorry do not grow vft.
  3. Absolute stunners. Very well grown there my friend! What clones do you have? They seem to be thriving :-)
  4. Hi Paul sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! My terrarium is 3ft long 1ft 4" high and 1ft 1" depth! I've covered the bottom of the tank with hydroponic clay balls and on top of that I spread a layer of moss to create a nice humid environment. I'm currently using my lightwave t5 light set up with two bulbs and not four! With four lights the temperature inside the terrarium shot upto 35 Celsius but I've tinkered with it and it's now 25c during the day and 15c at night! If you could add anything that I'm missing please do! Thank you Stefan,
  5. Hi Paul. Yes Im growing under lightwave t5 two foot four bulbs I've take two out of either side because at the moment my terrarium isn't that big so I was finding the heat was getting to much so I downsized to two bulbs and that keeps the tank at around 26-30 Celsius During the day with humidity at around 60 so it's not far off being good for my cephalotus! Like j said I'm hopefully going to get a three foot tank today so I might be able to add some of those reds into the tank if the temperature doesn't go through the roof.
  6. Thank you Paul. So if I needed two lights I'll go for the 2 x 24-39 watt archadia ultraseal? does that mean I can use t5 lighting upto a 39w bulb not that I would need to! I'm currently using 24w t5 ho bulbs. Sorry for all the questions!
  7. Carl sorry maybe a late reply I've just searched archadia upgradeable and it looks like what Im looking for! Can you confirm a few things just to clear things up. Because the end connections are loose can you use any length bulb that you require for my tank! Is this true? And how does it work? Do you plug it in like normal, fit the bulbs of your choice and away you go. If you could clear this up I would be more then happy. Thank you Stefan.
  8. Thanks for the reply Paul. I already have a lightwave t5 four bulb set up on my current terrarium was just hoping to make the mist out of the light fitting supplied! Do you know of any 30" bulbs suitable for my needs Paul? If not I'm going to try and transform the top of the tank to incorporate the t5 light. Regards Stefan.
  9. Hi guys would love to have your feed back on this bulb for growing cephalotus on my terrarium. They are used in aquarium for corals and have read up that they are using the short wavelength of blue!I'm only curious because I'm hopefully going to be getting a larger three foot tank soon and the top of the tank comes complete with a top with a single bulb! The chap selling it states bulbs of 30" are the right sizes hence the reason I need info on this bulb. Any feed back would be great. Thank you Stefan
  10. Hi guys just signed into flickr and went to upload a picture from my phone gallery and it came up with the sentence- sorry didn't work thank you for your help will have to figure this annoying problem out:[
  11. Sorry for the late reply guys been super busy at work! Thank you for coming up with many different options. I'm edging towards Stephens Flickr because there's no need to resize.
  12. How do you grow such lovely plants?
  13. Absolutely stunning I'm jealous.Great growing :)
  14. HI Richard I've been given some excellent advice from Odysseus about uploading photos onto the forum but I've struck a problem they are to large! Do you have any idea how to downsize photos so I can contribute more to this post and the forum. Thank you for your interest.
  15. Hi guys I've had my cephalotus tank set up now for just under three weeks and my growing environment is as follows, temp 25-28 in the day and falling to 19-21 at night time! My humidity during the day time fluctuates between 50-60 and rises to 70 at night. Ive currently set my two 24w t5 ho's for 14 hours and are roughly 7" away from my plants. My terrarium is a 18" L x 12 W x 12 H. I would appreciate any feedback on my set up thanks stefan.