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  1. part 3 planifolia pilosa pilosa x laueana
  2. part 2 medusina moctezumae x debbaertiana moranensis white flower x laueana
  3. new photos of my pinguiculas :-) I hope you like them part 1 agnata hidalgo cyclosecta emarginata x laueana emarginata "Zacapoaxtla" mornensis 'Huahuapan' immaculata ionantha
  4. It not always work. I had gigantea x moctezumae in 5cm pot and it grow to almost 20cm diameter (: maybe theory with smaller pot is right but what smaller then 5cm pot can be right to use Pawel
  5. "slightly easy cultivate P. calderoniae" not so easy if one in the left side of picture is dead As for totality very nice ;)
  6. Haha :) its legal. I have agreement. Polish reality can't be understood for many of peaople living on west site of Europe. Yes we have minimal guaranteed salary. - Its 1500zł now per month (about 375 euro) but many people has only agreement for part of full time job. Prices for many goods are lower. For example: rent of flat which is ownership - 550zł (54m²) Some kind of compresion of prices for food is possible when you will look into online store flyer e.g. Tesco or Kaufland (= Lidl) which are popular in west site of europe and east site too. http://www.kaufland....D=2860&PageId=0 Fuel in Poland cost around: LPG 2,7 PLN Diesel - 5,7 PLN Eurosuper 95 - 5,7 PLN Superplus 98 - 5,9 PLN When you will buy something in Poland it can be in fair price to polish earnings and very cheap if you earn around 1000-1500 euro per mont but if i will buy something from outside of Poland its often cost more because PLN isnt equal to EUR. So maybe for most of you note about price for shipment and packing was funny or unimaginable but for me it is understandable :) However price of plants arent lower in Poland - Why? I think that when people see how many EUR they will pay for them they want get same price for himself even if its possible to cut prices. Kamil - 1000 eur salary in your country and more in different regions is one of reason why some people living in countries like Poland and working abroad. If you like films see "In Time" with J.Timberlake. There is shown how some are borned in better "countries" and they live on higher level and more of other people try to stay alive and grab some time for himself in their world. Its like reality told otherwise. I'm sorry for off topic post but conversation is pulled to this site I think. All the best, Pawel
  7. Hello Kamil and hello all others, Yes its only my point of view because as private grower I pack plants personally and it was harder to understand where are costs. If I pay for packing about 0,4 PLN for new box and additionally about 1 PLN for components so sum with cheap delivery isnt 13EUR but 10-13 PLN. ;) In Poland its general that people look for cost of delivery and addictional costs. Big auction service also introduced restriction that sellers can't get for shipment more then necessary. Addictional cost are always in price of each products I'm sure not only I look at the additional costs. More people counts every cent and sometimes if delivery with additional costs cost more they prefer to buy plants from different store. Additionally I'm a student so I particularly count every cent ;)) You must know that average salary in Poland is very low in comparison with other EU countries. More people havent any job and many of workers earn less then 12EUR per day ;D you know what I mean... Maybe this are cultural differences. Yes If you want hire me I want this job I earn 4EUR per day now so every additional work is welcome ;P I'm sure that change in cost of shipment for small ald big boxes will attract customers. I obviously abstract of plants which you sell. They are very attractive Best regards, Pawel
  8. I know topic is old... However if someone want to buy there he must has on mind that shipment of plants isnt cheap. I paid 13€ but it was shipped for 98Kč = 4€ and 3€ Handling costs (for what?... I don't know). Should be information that 11 euro is cost for nothing to pay more only ;) P.S. I dont know what will he do if as for shipment will be selected more expensive option. More money for seller for free?
  9. Hello, Can anyone help me? I need some info about place good for recommending for holiday near croatian sea close to Pula or Rijeka (can be one of these city or no very important is be close to the beach and sea). I would also know if there is need to reservation room or no. Can I pay in euro or should buy local currency? Whats about prices of hotel room or room in private property?.. and how much food especially beverages. I don't know if better is get all own from Poland if we plan drive by car or buy there everything. If anyone can help me I'll be grateful. Can be answer here or via PM with short conversation. Thanks, Pawel
  10. As for watering. If you water your wall by soaking the top of construction is a bit more dry then low part I think and after watering dry faster then bottom. Is it right? Why don't water from the top. Hand spray - sound as ... many work at ppea ppea Whats with paint on the whole wall around? Is it special for wet. I think If you havent problem with drop-out. I had this problem when in room was too wet. Some time in one room (my bedroom) I keep more then 250 kinds (cp everywhere :) ) and this number of kinds many pots with soil and water for them cause higer temperature in room and higher humidity. My paint dropped-out despite plants and pots never touch wall. In your room they almost touch the wall and ceiling.
  11. New photos :) thanks for watching 1 gypsicola x moctezumae 2 moctezumae x medusina together 3 crystallina subsp hirtiflora 4 ionantha 5 cubensis 6 laueana SP3
  12. next Aphrodite x Weser I tried with few flowers. Aphrodite had empty seed bag but Weser was full of seeds :) colimensis x heterophylla gypsicola x moctezumae medusina x gigantea (will be flower ;) )
  13. jaumavensis emarginata red agnata scented flower gracilis x emarginata laueana orange laueana x moctezumae hemiepiphytica
  14. some new photos. (on Italian forum from some time but here are new:) ) aphrodite weser