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  1. Ok cool. I have switched them down to 14 hours for now, and will gradually lower them further. Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for the info :) Do you follow a plan with your photoperiod adjustments? For example in October reducing one hour, then 2 weeks later another hour? As I may have missed the initial adjustments, what do you recommend would be the best way for me to proceed? Thanks again
  3. Thanks Dave I've moved them further away from the lights, so hopefully that will make a difference. I have the lights on for 16 hours a day, should I be reducing the photoperiod as per nature, rather than leaving them on for that long all through the year?
  4. Ok cool, I shall give that a try then, it seems like I've tried everything else! Although to be honest my temperatures are lower than 30 degrees even being so close to the lights.
  5. Thanks Chrass I have a sheet of perspex between the lights and plants to block the heat. What tempertature and humidity do you maintain? Its funny because on another forum I was told to put my plants closer to the lights, and increase the temperature. Really does seem strange that so many different people can get great results with such different ideas!
  6. I have tried 8 inches, but then I also moved them closer to more like 5 inches. At 8 inches the plants go nice and red, when I move them to 5 inches, they look like they start to frazzle a bit. I have very good reflectors with the lights, so I am thinking 8 inches is fine? What do you think?
  7. Now you see why it is driving me crazy! :) I will update if I get some progress. It is annoying as it is seemingly happening to all different species, not just one. However my spatulata is the only one that has lovely dew, perhaps I should just get more of those :)
  8. Thanks Adam I have tried much higher humidity too. Also on another forum I was told to increase the temperature to 80-85 degrees, as previously it was more like 70 degrees. So I have already tried the lower temperatures before. It seems everyone has such success but with such a diverse range of conditions, and yet I cant seem to get mine really nice with ANY conditions :)
  9. Thanks Gary The plants are indeed in a centrally heated room, however, they have been lacking dew like this the whole time I have had them. I got the 'oldest' of them in June, so that's five months in my set up. Of course the majority of that time has been the summer, so the heating hasn't been on until recently. Following on from your experience also makes we wish to purchase a plant already grown in similar conditions to see what happens.
  10. Here is my VFT in the same conditions, so I think the light is bright enough?
  11. They stand in rainwater, which is never left to go dry. Humidty is currently 60%, but I have also tried higher than this as I have a humidifier to use. It seems to me I have got the perfect conditions, which is why this dew issue is driving me nuts!
  12. Here are some pics: Yes my problem is that I would like to see a lot more dew. I believe I gave them enough time to adapt, but not so much as 2 months at each 'change'. For the overall time I have had the plants they surely should have adapted by now. Moving the lights a few inches, or changing the temps by a few degrees, surely is not such a drastic change that two months is required, after the initial 4 months that I have had them? Here are the lamps I have: http://sunblasterlighting.com/lamp-only.php Thanks for all your help
  13. The plants are 'healthy' and grow fine, they just do not produce lots of dew! Do you grow Drosera under lighting?
  14. Hi I have aliciae, cunefolia, burmannii, venusta, admirabilis, various pygmies, plus quite a few more different species. Lights are 5x 2ft T5 lamps, all 6400K, giving about 11,000 lumens. I have tried raising and lowering the lights, increasing and decreasing the tempertature and also the humidity. I believe my conditions should be fine, which is why I would like to buy some plants that have already been growing in similar conditions, to test that my conditions are in fact good :)
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