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  1. Here I show you his sister, his owner gave me this photo since two were acquired, it is clear that this man has cheated us and as such I will do everything in my power to publicize their bad practices,
  2. If partner Argo88 is quite clear my P, Gigantea Alba poese the glands on both sides ..... own the genre Gigantea ..... The fact is that what is discussed is that MISO should know as we all know. Today, it does not respond or defend itself ....
  3. Top first photo here you can see the glands and their brightness. To the touch is sticky Bottom second photo smaller color and without glands
  4. If on top of that I am wrong it is me and the others
  5. No Werd, it's something that happened to me with anger. But it does not have glands on the back of the leaf ..... it's another point in my favor
  6. Good after a little research and comment with several collectors and see the photos we all come to the conclusion that it is a hybrid, not a species,. One of the most relevant patterns that betray this penguin sold as (Gigantea), is its pronuncioado funnel rather long with respect to true flower of P.Gigantea, as well as its pattern of color of the flower We have all opllined individually that such a plant is truly P xTina, After contacting the seller privately to ask for an explanation and dialogue. He continues to insist that he does not sell Tina ,,,, only Gigantea Here I show the differences between both species Mr. Michal Parvanov (MISO) nickname in this forum I think you should reconsider and truly find out if your provider is really cheating you by supplying a pinguicula that is not, because you sell us a plant that does not correspond to your description, and that will be call bad praxis And your responsibility as a seller is to know what you are selling. and as an amateur to know what he has as a plant. With this I only hope to open a debate and inform you that if you are a producer you should know what you sell. first real photo Gigantea, the second photo of his famous gigantea
  7. Do you think she is a pure giant?
  8. Bienvenido te sugiero que escribas en ingles Welcome Antonio
  9. What do you think about its application in pinguiculas: t8 & power led high power ....