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  1. Here you have some pictures. It starts as a black powder, nothing serious, but it finally destroys pitchers. I know the problem is about humidity and ventilation, but now I can't improve my growing conditions. I have heard about tebuconazol, maybe you could recommend any other fungicide that solves problem. This fungus develops over nectar, nor over the plant, so sistemic fungicide maybe don't work. Kind regards
  2. Hi all, from this winter I had problems with a black mold, after looking into the problem I discovered it was fumagine. Some growers use fungicide sprayed or watered, anyone with experience? I will post some pictures if required. Thanks, Marc
  3. hi, could anyone tell me which difference exist between dionaea crocodile and korrigans? for me they are the same thanks
  4. Sorry hard to believe... Are you willing to help or to sell? What's your VAT number please?
  5. This is something many of us suspect, it is said that czplants is behind this guy.
  6. Hi there, I just decide to get red colour to my Dionaeas, in particular to 'Red line' which is very difficult to colour, so... does anyone know what tubes provide red color to dionaeas? I was told that the tubes with the blue spectrum intensify the red color in plants prone to it, is it true? Thanks