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  1. I´m sorry for your loss. Very sad to see this!!! If you start again with growing Nepenthes you can contact me and I will send you a few plants... All the best, Maik
  2. Thank you for these wonderful photos. I really love this species. Furtunatelly I was able to get it to flower some years ago. Are there any other species around your place? Regards, Maik
  3. Unbelievable, what a great plant. Congrats for that success. What is the smell of that flower like? Regards, Maik
  4. Hi, today I got my second order from Christian. Like last time I got really big and healthy plants and a few rare species for free! One of the best sellers in Europe!
  5. Maik

    Small Amorphophallus

    Hi, Andreas Wistuba has some really nice species in his list... Regards, Maik
  6. Maik

    tuberous hybrid

    Really nice and very interesting hybrid. Good work!!!
  7. Maik

    Is this a Byblis?

    This is one for sure. Congratulation!
  8. Hi, does anybody know for sure which species is seen on the last pic? Like Dave said it doesn´t look like D. spatulata. But it doesn´t look like rotundifolia, too. And even not like D. stenopetala...
  9. Hi Dusan, very good work and nice looking plants! Did you have success with the B. gigantea seeds? Regards, Maik
  10. Hi,,,Maik,,, i would take following seeds, B. gigantea (I actually have great germination rate after GA 3 treatment) 10 seeds 5€ B. aquatica 10 seeds 3,5€ B. filifolia 10 seeds 2,50€ but i need you deliver to TAIWAN by Airmail,,, and i can pay you by paypal soon,,,just need you PM pls,,,,,,, Regards. Melson.

  11. This is just unbelievable! Congratulations. Well done!!!!
  12. I guess it is U. arenaria. :-) Regards, Maik