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  1. Hello guys, I will try to do the pollination of some sarracenia flowers. But some of the flowers already don´t have petals. Do you know if still is possible do the pollination even after the flower lose the petals? And how much time the pollen survive? Thanks you in advance Tmcm
  2. Paulo09 forgot to send me a plant which has already been sent and received ... All plants arrived in excellent condition ..
  3. Paulo09 !! I'm still waiting for you to answer my pm ...
  4. Fantastic your system... Congratulations!
  5. TMCM

    Funnel Traps revert

    I have one and is the same thing...
  6. What are diferences between red shark and red piranha?
  7. Someone have results with flower stalk after of take seeds? My dry always...
  8. Hi Take some picturs of your Pygmy, they sems beautiful...