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  1. I have a Nep that is about to flower and I am 99% sure it is male. It is N. x 'Rebbeca Soper'. Anyone who wants any pollen can send me a self addressed envelope, and I will give you some when it is ready. Perhaps I could have some seeds in return if any pollenations are successful. I'm not sure how viable hybrid pollen is for nepenthes, does any one know?
  2. I would like to know what that one is for certain too, because i got one just like it last week at my local garden centre. I just assumed it was N. x ventrata.
  3. I think South West carnivorous plants may still have some. They had a couple I think when I went there last week. only £10.00 too.
  4. Aluminium is ok because it always forms a very unreactive oxide layer on its surface. So it shouldn't have any effect on the plant. I have sat my pots in water, which are in an aluminium tray for years, and they are fine.
  5. I was just wondering about how to actually pronounce some of the latin names of some carnivorous plants. e.g. psittacina and catesbaei. And with names like Nepenthes veitchii do you say "veitch-i" or do you say "veitch-ee-i"? And are there any other names that anyone can think of that are difficult to pronounce?
  6. One of my VFT's was left outside last year, I had it in a deep water tray because nothing else was available. When it rained the water filled up above the pot and froze, so some of the traps were half in and half out the ice. it recovered fully and grew very well the following summer. So I would say that they are fully hardy.
  7. I don't suppose you will be buying an all green form VFT any time soon then.
  8. How did you manage to get the mango stones to germinate? I tried doing this in the past but it did not work. Did you use supermarket mangos?
  9. I don't think you need to make the watering process so complicated. All you need to do is water your nep when it shows signs of beginning to dry out. If the pot has drainage holes and the plant is potted in a suitable nep potting mix, it isn't really possible to let the plant sit in water. when you pour enough water in so that it is running out the drainage holes you know that all of the compost is wet enough.
  10. Sounds like you know what you are doing. Good luck growing it!
  11. S. pupurea is considered the hardiest Sarracenia so it will be fine outside if VFTs and 'Danas Delight' are. I think taking it out of the terrarium and putting it outside is the best idea.
  12. I personally wouldn't use orchid compost, unless you mean orchid bark. orchid bark, perlite, long fibred sphagnum and peat moss are the best potting mix components to use in my opinion. I am not not sure about orchid compost it may be fine to use, but i don't know if it is and wouldn't risk it.
  13. I submerged my VFT in rainwater for 2 days and it sorted my aphid problem straight away. so i would imagine it would work well on a capensis too.
  14. I think you would be better off just growing the VFTs outside and protecting them over winter in a cold frame or something similar if you could get it. An upside down fish tank would do the same job (need to keep an eye on ventilation then though). I have had my VFTs outside (unprotected) all summer and they have grown really really well. I plan to take them in the greenhouse over winter though.
  15. I was just thinking it would be good if this thread was moved to the FAQ board. What does anyone else think?