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  1. I was impressed that one developed two growth points. It does seem the moss has starting to out grow them which got me worried but I think the sun has weakened or even killed the moss not so hopefully if will just star growing. They are about 18 months so hopefully they will start to grow a bit faster :)
  2. These leaf cutting are probably the best part of 18 months + old. They took ages to root - 6 months plus but since putting them outdoors they have start to actually show signs of growth but are still very slow. Is this normal for hem to grow this slow ? Kind of a ceph noob and this was my first attempt at taking leak cuttings. Think I have 8 leaves and 6 rooted, but very slowly. The parent pant is the biggest one of course and it is putting out lots of big leaves and seems to be doing well in direct sun. I ensure that the medium is always damp but sometimes the parent plant does come close
  3. Is it normal for leaves to turn yellow over many months? It's only a few but every few weeks or so I notice another one or two yellow leaves appearing and a couple of very small dead brown pithers. I always pull yellow leaves and dead pitchers but is this normal or could someyhing be wrong. The ceph is kept in a bathroom windowsill that doesnt get that much light as it facing the worst dircetion for growing plant (what ever direction that is, South?) It also gets very steamy when Im taking a shower but at first I thought this could be good for it as high humidity but now im not sure. What do
  4. Thanks loligo1964. I have done some more reading and it looks relatively easy. Might give it ago when my ceph starts growing again.
  5. Can cuttings be taken form a Cephalotus and where and how to cut ? I have a nice healthy plant and would like a couple more and thought cutting may work.
  6. I have added some water to the VFT because the soil was so dry, is that bad if I added some water if it is dorment ? I think my Ceph is hiberniting also then because the growth has almost stopped. I thought to myself those exact temperatures of my windowsill.
  7. As I live in a 1st floor flat and have no garden getting rain water, enought to water my plants is very hard without looking like a mental patient using a bucket to scoppp out water from a puddle. With all this snow around at the moment, can I collect it , melt it and use it to water my plants in the same way as rain water ?
  8. I started watering my VFT less over the last few months because of the temps getting lower and lower. The problem it looked like the soil was damp in my VFT pot but in fact it was bone dry and proably has been for some weeks. I noticed the flower stalk has was growing abit very slowly, I plucked the flower off when it began to grow to preserve energy because it was the beginning of winter. The VFT is still green with the normal 5-6 black leaf with traps that I just removed but the green traps are unresponsive, they will not close even if I prod them with my finger. Is my VFT dead or is it dor
  9. My small Ventrata isn't the issue here but it was purchased from a garden centre about 4 months ago and was small then but has since doubled in size and grew 3 or for pitches. They are not big because the plant itself is not big compared to some monsters I have seen in flower shops and on the net. I did notice that it grew alot faster when it was getting direct sunlight but it still seems to grow well in indirect sunlight next to my computer, anyway my question is what Nepenthes grows well in low humidity such as the Ventrata as I can not give it any really special care. I think a "low-lander"
  10. Hi, I already have a N x Ventrata that is still very small with the biggest cup being 3 cm. I want to get another Nepenthes but I am not sure what would be the best one. I know N x Ventrata are good for beginners as the do not require and special care besides the obvious. I would like a Nepethes that requires little humidty and would grow well in a shaded windowsill. My Hardiness zone is zone 9 and it will be grown indoors on a windowsill as I said. What Nepenthes would you recommend ?
  11. Heres a update. I sprayed a few times over a few weeks with Roseclear which is sulpher based and repotted into a taller bigger pot. It looks like it was due to the change in enviroment such as temperture or humidity because some pitchers have died back but there are at least 5 tiny new pitchers growing and more leaves poking through the soil so the plant is definatly alive and kicking The white mold seems to have disappeared too which is due to the Roseclear probably.
  12. Just say I already gave a light misting, would one treatment kill my ceph? IF I had used the fungicide would it be best to flush the soil with plenty of water