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  1. Welcome to the forums, Carnigirl! You sound like your enthusiasm level is at the right level for CPs! 11 out of 10! You are going to make a great addition! I am in the US as well but growing indoors exclusively right now. Can't wait to pass ya in the forums in the future! Happy growing!
  2. Here is a video of me cleaning the plants for anyone interested in seeing how easy it was!
  3. I don’t know how often if at all you guys have experienced the problem of Humic Acid buildup on your plants. I searched the forums and didn’t find anything here about it in a cursory search. Maybe your peat is different enough there that you don’t get it wicking humic acid as much. The problem is unique and new to me so I didn’t know what it was when it first showed up on plants. But quickly I found the problem and with some help from others on the terraforums so I wanted to share my experience here if it helps at all. NOTE: Quote box messed things up and put everything in one square. Fi
  4. I have heard In Defense of Plants too but I haven't found his videos yet! Thanks for the link. I am actually already a YouTuber for Photography so not only can I do some videos, I plan on it. And I have some decent gear to do it. So I really look forward to being able to provide content like that and it would be BLAST to do! Lots of good topics to go over and I am not worried about running out of things to say for at least two solid years of podcasting! As my plan is to ease into this depending on demand and audience, it will be even easier to maintain subjects to talk about.
  5. Haha fair enough. I am certainly the one most disappointed I haven't been able to start it yet. But hopefully you will give it a listen when it goes live and I hope you can find interest in it. There will be segments intended to pump up complete newbs to the topic. Which will likely bore you. But the podcast is not going to be a guide or an almanac to people. It won't be that alarm that says "Time to repot your Sarries." While I am sure it will get mentioned of course. I am hoping my approach will be interesting to both longtime CP enthusiasts even though it IS directed at complete newbs
  6. Scuipici, just showed my wife the options too and she liked the VFT one more too! That seals it, I am going to have the artist work on the one you guys liked more as well. AND it really is the most instantly recognizable option and I might as well give this podcast everything it needs to succeed! Thanks for your feedback! Here comes a little less cartoony but still stylized silhouette of a Dionaea muscipula logo!
  7. The board software is nuts lately...I don't think I like it but I am ever grateful for this place remaining in tact! I have been a member since 2003 and would miss it VERY much if it was gone. So I am grateful to all the Admins whose countless hours on this has maintained the database, all forum posts and the memberships running all this time! And I agree with you about the leucophylla! I told my artist that the Sarracenia I wanted was a flava because of it's simple coloring. But I would have loved to have a leuco on it because even though I have never grown one I am in love with their lo
  8. Bummer. Sorry I like the other one more. But my artist buddy liked yours more too which is why he colored it. AND it is very recognizable. Immediately recognizable too. Let's see what this artist I am working with now comes up with for the version I like and go from there.
  9. Thanks Keith and DeansGreenArmy! Really excited to have the platform of talking Carnivorous Plants with the world and hanging out with well known CP enthusiasts and hearing their stories and the fun things they are working on related to CPs to spread the word as much as possible!
  10. Hey man! Yeah, I can say that I have lost my artist buddy for the logo art for sure and then fired 3 designers from online freelance resources like UpWork and Fiverr. They just didn't work out. I used to work in the Game Industry and so I tried another talented artist friend of mine from Costa Rica and she has agreed recently to go for it and we are working off a mockup that looks like this: She is working on a version of the BOTTOM mock up. I like the look of that and the chance to have 5-7 CPs featured in the logo. Frankly, I am not going to hold back for the perfect logo at
  11. Hey those of you as excited as I am for the upcoming CP podcast, I wanted to give you an update since it is late July and I claimed I would have the first two episodes out in July and get things rolling. Two things are making me later than expected, but I wanted to assure you it isn't because this project isn't interesting me enough to take priority. FIRST The Logo. I have an artist working on the logo and I am wanting that logo polished and professional looking before I approach my first guest for the show. I want to instill in them confidence in me as a host and in the podcast
  12. Awesome! Thanks, Scuipici! I am excited for this. I have an artist buddy from my time working in the Game Industry on the logo for the Podcast. As soon as that is ready to go, I will get the site up and running so we can start going with this! I am very excited about it. I have a few email drafts out there to my first guests on the podcast that I am just waiting on making sure I look more legit and serious by having the Logo in the email. :) Keep you posted! -Aaron
  13. Awesome. Thanks guys! I will get to work right now on releasing my first one mid-July and from there another at the beginning of each month for those signed up.