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  1. Thanks! I have a 6500k LED spot that produces a light that is both strong and pleasant to the eye, and combined with some diffused sunlight, it's enough to make decent pictures. By the way, these are iPhone images - inside a terrarium, it's more convient to use and I can shoot from otherwise awkward angles. Regarding N. mollis, you may like this photo I made with my DSLR, using focus stacking to get more depth of field:
  2. Thanks! It's xaxim panels (tree fern roots) that were installed two years ago. You can see a few photos from the process here. I like to spray them at least twice a day on average. Of course the upper part gets dry more quickly. I would not use xaxim in a drier environment though, unless you can wet it yourself regularly. Moss development is much better and quicker on a panel that is consistently humid. Also, these panels require more or less water input depending on the humidity of the room where the terrarium is, which itself varies with the weather. For instance, I spray more
  3. Thanks! Here's some more if that's your thing, fellow French grower Heliamphora huberi
  4. Hi everyone. Plants are great to get relaxed a bit in these difficult times! Nepenthes mollis Heliamphora ceracea Heliamphora huberi Drosera tomentosa var. glabrata and Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant' Macodes petola (orchid) Wide view Greetings, Florent
  5. Hi i am interested in your L9 clone

    Regards phil

  6. Thanks for your reply Joachim. Good to see you here! Amazing greenhouse and collection.
  7. Hello everyone! Some of you may remember Joachim Danz's website, that, regrettably, is no longer online. I liked it, and it gave me the inspiration for my blog Carnivorous Plant Stories. Please check it out! Regards, Florent
  8. Yes, it is grown in a highland terrarium. The xaxim is positioned vertically – a straight wall. I manually spray water onto it, and I also use a very basic drip system to irrigate it when needed (ie. when I'm away from home).
  9. I've been growing Cephalotus on a xaxim tree fern panel for about a year. So far so good. The tough part was to insert the roots into the panel. It is quite dense. And here they are now. The first plant is showing good signs of vertical growth: the last open pitcher is the top one, and the surrounding leaves are recent too.
  10. It comes from CEDEVIT dude.
  11. ...I'm more than skeptical. Any help on this please ? Thanks in advance :)
  12. Thank you very much guys. Vraev, I uploaded the picture in 1900*1200 here
  13. Sorry for the late reply. N. villosa is about 13-15 cm wide. It takes advantage of the cold nights from Northeastern France in autumn and winter (down to 5°C) because I leave the window open every night. In spring and summer, obviously it lives under warmer temperatures, though it does not seem to disturb it so far. The lighting is : 1 Dulux 865 Osram 55W 1 Dulux 954 Osram 55W 12h/day So here's a picture of the setup And a picture of the first flowers of Utricularia calycifida 'Lavinia Whateley' (the white-flowering cultivar) Cheers !
  14. Thanks a lot ! I've just made a picture with the latest pitcher to date.
  15. Thank you very much ! You're totally right, it's D. venusta.