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  1. For instagram and other general shooting I use my Sony Xperia Z5's camera which is kinda good. When taking pics seriously(read as macrophotography) I use my Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2i/Kiss X4 what ever it's called around the world. My instagram @bruteplants has pics taken on both and macros are taken with Canon. Sony phone Canon DSLR
  2. Shame that scammers like that exist. I lost 90% of my collection in apparment with mildew and haven't whined for free plants, ever. Instead spent lots of money for new ones and will do so in future. Good to know that generous people do exist in this hobby but exploitation of that kindness deserves to be punished! IP ban at least.
  3. Great thing that there are orchid nurseries in EU that grow these! Popow-orchids even has Haraella odorata which I haven't seen in any other place I've searched for Lepanthes. Maybe adding some miniature orchids to my carnivore tanks in future
  4. Thanks everybody! It means so much to me to have such a warm welcome back here. :) Woah Mark! :O They're totally amazing! You've done great job growing them. Wish to grow that myself someday. Thank you for your kind worda. I think you've got ahead of me during my silent times. But I'll make my best to make return to those golden times of my hobby, and beyond them. Already thinking of propagating a plant or two to swap next spring.
  5. Thank you! Also it helps that I now have biggest growing tanks I've ever had in my life. Gotta add a photo or two here soon.
  6. Although not a new member I've been too inactive here but making my best to compensate for the time I lost for not being here on the forum. These two few years in between have been full of hardships towards me and my collection. My current collection is but a shadow of what it was before. After moving three times and spending half a year in an apartment with mold took it's toll on my health. I didn't have energy to do anything extra with all the health problems I never had before. It also took it's toll on this hobby of mine and at worst I had less than 20 plants, losing all my Pinguicula, Drosera, Cephalotus, Heliamphora and most of my Nepenthes and epiphytic Utricularia. Now after some recovering and recharging I'm full of energy, trying my best to become as active as possible here and be again productive member of the community. Happy growing everybody! P.S. For those of you that use instagram I'm there under account bruteplants. :)
  7. I sent them some e-mail before and asked how come people have received plants from them when I haven't. They sent the plants the following day and today I received them. Seems like they just need reminding.
  8. ^ Just how my first order was. Nothing bad to say. The plants were just amazing in quality and packaging was really done with care. But I need to somehow get connection with them so we could resolve this whole thing. It's no help just thrashing out about it in here.
  9. Been sending there messages with no reply since 12th of July, last message two days ago. Not moaning or waiting for perfection, just thinking if they fulfill their promises.
  10. Before they give me any kind of response through e-mail I'd not recommended ordering from there.
  11. Want to write here about my feelings on this after a while. Ordered plants there in 2015 paid on 25th of September and still haven't received the plants because of delays. They told me they would send the plants for free and I got my money back. Still I don't know wether I will still receive the plants even in this year.