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  1. Thanks all. That was a very big P. gigantea. Moths usually get stunt on my terrarium lights and they get easily caugt by butterworts and sundews.
  2. I uploaded a vid on Youtube, hope you enjoy!
  3. OMG I found the pest name, they're probably Ephestia kuehniella larvae. I got them 2 years ago with the food of my birds. I've never tought they'll be dangerous for my plants too. A friend tells me about bacillus thuringensis (Thuricide, Dipel) but i found it only on Anyone know where to buy it in europe?
  4. no, it's the best pic I could take with my old sony DSCP-31
  5. it has legs so it may be a beetle grub I'm doomed
  6. I watered the plant with confidor solution 3 days ago and today I rip a dead tatei rhizome and found the pest you see in the pic alive and happy. If someone can identify them it'll be easier ti find a selective chemical product
  7. Help, I don't know how but my terrarium has an infestation of rhizome worms. I don't know what they are but they make a hole on my plants rhizomes and start eating them from inside. I tried to use imidacloprid (confidor and provado) but it doesn't work. I dont' want to lose my H. tatei, 2 of 5 growing points are already gone. My nepenthes lavicola probably has one inside. What can I do? Immersion is useless because water can't penetrate inside their small holes and they have plenty of oxigene here.
  8. thanks, they are N. ventrata X ventricosa
  9. thank you for the link, it's really interesting
  10. great, I can't wait for the first carnivorous leaf
  11. hi, this is my first experience with nepenthes seeds, i got this 2 plantlets but I cant't find any pic on the net of very young neps to compare them with. I hope they are not some sort of weird grass, lol
  12. Possible, i got this plant from Phil so it's probably a wild seed.
  13. This year I finally got an adult pitcher of this weird plant: It's seed grown and labeled as Sarracenia flava var.rugellii; Large, Stocky; Homerville Airport, Homerville, GA (PW) Pitchers are always been pure green with no spots or veins, I hope this wavy form isn't temporary. [/img]
  14. thank you and thanks everybody for the replays but what do you think about the red spots on the flower petals and sepals? It must be an oreophila hybrid becouse flava has only yellow flowers
  15. so there may be oreophila and flava with rubra introgression?
  16. phyllodia are not curved. I think it's a flava ornata X oreophila hibrid but I'd like to label it correctly. I post a pic of the whole plant:
  17. Hi! I got this plant labeled as "S. oreophila [Triffid Park Australia]" but it seem more flava than oreo. The flower is a bit red so it's not a flava. What do you think? here are some pics: thanks, Vale
  18. Lol, nice shot, I've the same problem. They love to deposit eggs under the pitchers of S. psittacina and purpurea, next the rhizomes so it's difficult to see them.
  19. 9 buds this morning :)
  20. Awesome pics, Dieter! And great flowers :)
  21. I love your H. nutans color. Is it nutans giant?
  22. Thank you all for the nice comments! D. capensis could be a stunning plant but it needs a lot of time. The first sarracenia hybrid is (wrigleyana x excellens) X minor