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  1. Thanks for helping ^_^
  2. Hi, I have this drosera labeled as "erythrorhiza var erythrorhiza" The plant is now adult and flowering, so here are some pictures: let me know if the plant is labeled correctly or if it is something different! Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks all for the nice comments! Yes the Chipola is really awesome, one of my favourites plants! Unfortunately aborted the flower so I'll have to wait the next year to se it! Hope your "Glider" is doing great too.
  4. S. "Heliamphoroides" S. (wrigelyana X excellens) X minor S leucophylla antho-free L46 MK S. minor var minor BCP S.minor var minor Fitzgerald, Ben Hill Country, Georgia, bumpy windows S. rosea Chipola Giant A guest Sarracenia leucophylla "Finestre Grandi" Group
  5. U. asplundii S. alata black tube, very pubescent Sarracenia hybrid, probably readii Sarracenia S246/2007 Unknown hybrid with huge lid B52 Microdent Red Piranha Tiger Teeth S. flava rugelli, copper tinged F17 MK S. flava var flava yellow pitchers Monster Cuprea, East of Supply Road, NC S. flava var ornata "filiformis" S. (purpurea X flava maxima marston)
  6. I think the plant needs more light. The color of the plant is too darkgreen ant the petioles are etiolate. It is probably a fungus that attacked a debilitated plant and developed in a low light condition. Try to put the plant as near as possible to the lamp, add an extra lamp, or put it outside if it is hot and sunny enough.
  7. Here is the first pitcher of my Tina/Sorrow. Unfortunately, no flowers for this year
  8. Here are some updates of this bunch of seedlings. there is a great variety of forms, some plants looks like typicals, other show a stable production of cupped traps, other plants show a very nice blueish-purple coloration. The two clones shown below are my special favourites! This one looks awesome. The traps are of a nice dark purple color inside and outside, with green petiole I'll get some second generation seeds next year!
  9. This should became the ideal valentine's day gift for carnivorous plants lovers!
  10. Flowers aren't opening more than this! And I don't understand if it is male or female. I tought it was male but how can I collect pollen? I feel so noob lol!
  11. Hi, my N. campanulata is flowering. I'm very noob at nepenthes and this is the first plant flowering, so I'm not sure on what to do. The plant is small, should I cut the flower? If anyone is interested in pollen swap the plant looks male.
  12. LMAO you are right! I personally don't like lidless sarracenia, but that plant was a gift ;)
  13. I have this one: someone said it's an oreophyla and someone else said it's an hybrid. If anyone can explain to identify this clone would be great!
  14. I really hope this is not a single episode: this autumn one of my cupped traps X royal red seedling started growinga clump of small toothless traps!
  15. You have a wonderful collection! If you have any interesting spare sarracenia seedling I'd love to swap. Check my growlist.