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  1. taywf1234

    Orchid books

    What would orchid growers say the best beginner orchid book would be? THANKS Taylor
  2. I was looking for some fine orchid bark for use as part of a Nepenthes substrate and the only supplier I could get was easyorchids and they were wanting me to pay over three times the price of the bark in postage! Does anyone know of any other suppliers that i could get some off of? Thanks Taylor
  3. Still nothing but a brown rhizome sticking out of the soil What could be happening? Taylor
  4. I just had my first seed germinate of a S. reginae and was wondering how to cultivate it. I would be thankful if you could give me some general tips - on soil, temp, watering etc. Thank You Taylor
  5. Has anyone had much luck with introducing Daphnia into their "ponds"? Taylor
  6. I was thinking of growing it in a big glass bowl, but how would i set it up with peat etc. ? Taylor
  7. I was just wondering how does everyone grow their U. gibba here? Taylor
  8. My S. Leucophylla is showing no signs at the moment of coming out of dormancy whereas all of my other carnivores are? Is this normal? Taylor
  9. What is the best way to germinate Eucalyptus cinerea? I read somewhere that it should be sowed now and left outside in a cold greenhouse. Is that what i should do?
  10. What, would you say, is a suitable night time temperature for paradoxa?
  11. Im guessing they can withstand alkaline conditions then?
  12. What media should these plants be potted in? Thanks
  13. I have a cold greenhouse also, that has no heater, so it would be possible to grow these in my greenhouse. I am sure i could acquire small paraffin heaters if frost becomes a problem! Could you please tell me what media these plants like, watering regime, dormancy and any other advice that would be helpful! Thank You Again Taylor PS: Does anyone know if Ophrys is a winter growing orchid?
  14. Is it just me or can you not register at the moment?