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  1. Carni

    Carnivorous plants on stamps

    Here's the booklet of the irish 1995 stamp.  Cheap and interesting :)
  2. Carni

    Carnivorous plants on stamps

    I saw you, nepenthes51 and rarissimo last activity some months ago so I thought I was the last one still following ;) I will !
  3. Carni

    Carnivorous plants on stamps

    Is someone still interested in these stamps over here ? I'm trying to make a complete listing and collection since 2017...
  4. Carni

    Carnivorous plants on stamps

    Here's Belgium 2017 fdc with a nice rotundifolia obliteration.
  5. Carni

    Carnivorous plants on stamps

    I'm in too. Fdc and sheet for Belgium 2017 stamp are still available on Anything planned for 2018 ?
  6. Carni

    Carnivorous plants in Brazil

    Thanks a lot for those wonderful pictures !
  7. Carni

    VFt seedlings

    Best results here are with random fell seeds that stay in cold, than with prepared sowing that stay inside ;)
  8. Carni

    New skins for my Lithops!

    Hi, what did you do to them ? They are dividing in some strange leaves, aren't they ? Excepted the 'Zorro'. The second seedling looks very interesting, do you see any changes when they are getting their new skin ? It's amazing the differences we have in a seedling of seeds coming from the same plant !
  9. Carni

    New skins for my Lithops!

    Chris, you look very good at growing lithops ! For how many years are you growing them ? Andreas, I'm like you, I want to get lots of plants right now, as I'm starting cultivate them. I've learned a lot from SH book, I'm not a pro yet I would like to find some kind of "multivergens" plant that keeps its particularities from year to year but I think it's rare. I have many years to learn and learn and learn about those little beautiful living stones, I hope I will always love them Chris you should show us some pics
  10. Carni

    New skins for my Lithops!

    +1, Dinterops and Argyrops are nice plants. There are also some conophytum crossings. But like in Dionaea cv.'s crossings I always hope there's a chance to get new nice plants Maybe when I'll be able to try inter species crossings in autumn () I'll smile a bit less than now, I think I'll be disappointed with lithops cause I've never been right now. There are always ways that are not yet known, I'm here to find them
  11. Carni

    New skins for my Lithops!

    Hi, the Lithops have sometimes very nice and often new colours that are not usual in the species when they make their new skins. You lactinea will probabbl go white in the next weeks or months, loosing some colour. 'Zorro' is a cv. of dorotheae from S.H. I don't think it is good stabilized? yet. But There are some pics in his last book. Here is the most characteristic picture I've found. It a dorotheae selected to have less windows as possible and have only red marks like the Zorro used to do to people lol. ""What do you mean with "we can create all that we want with Lithops"?"" I mean we can easily (I think...) select them, cross them like Rosas and Dionaea I will not be sure about anything I've read till I'll try myself of course... I think Cole was mostly right with his classification, Lithops are hard to classifie, and I disagree like you with the flowers colour theories. I'm looking for the last edition of this book of Cole (flowering stones 2005), could you tell me where you get it ? And the price if possible. I've only found some used books for more than 60€... don't know if it's the official price Hope you understood all I said I try to do my best but when you're not practicing anymore you loose some words and grammar... Cheers
  12. Carni

    New skins for my Lithops!

    Hey Andreas, nice to see other lithops lovers ! I really enjoy to see the last pic of dorotheae that looks like a L. dinteri, they will probably make only one species in the future.In the opposite do you know 'Zorro' ? We can create all that we want with lithops I thought lactinea was always white and blue... hard to ID if you don't know the name. For mine, I use lot of lava, quartz and some 'compost'. I don't grow them in it for a long time but they are wearing their new skins... I think it's good, I'll check the roots in one year to see if it works good for them. Nice plants Carni
  13. Carni


    Thank you guy
  14. Carni


    Hello there, I'm a 19-years-old belgian, the same Carni as in the french carnivorous forums. I think some people here already know me. I use to take care of carnivorous plants for more than 5 years, and two years ago began with lithops. Here you can see my growlist. And I hope I'll learn a lot here with you all. Have a nice day Carni