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  1. Amazing ! Thanks for sharing !
  2. Hello, does anyone has any news about the cancelled 2020/2021 EEE ?
  3. Hi, I have some "ready to root" leaves of Orbea decaisneana available. (5-10cm tall, 2cm thick) I can trade or sell 2 for 5€. Thanks
  4. Carni

    ant plant

    Lecanopteris sinuosa and mirabilis over here...
  5. Hi, I am looking for those blue plants : Diplazium cordifolium Diplazium tomentosum Elaphoglossum wurdackii Elaphoglossum glabellum Elaphoglossum herminieri Mapania graminea Cyclopeltis crenata Lindsae doryphora Terarophyllum rotundifoliatum please pm me if you have or know where to find any of them. thanks, Jimmy
  6. Here's the booklet of the irish 1995 stamp.  Cheap and interesting :)
  7. I saw you, nepenthes51 and rarissimo last activity some months ago so I thought I was the last one still following ;) I will !
  8. Is someone still interested in these stamps over here ? I'm trying to make a complete listing and collection since 2017...
  9. Here's Belgium 2017 fdc with a nice rotundifolia obliteration.
  10. I'm in too. Fdc and sheet for Belgium 2017 stamp are still available on Anything planned for 2018 ?
  11. Thanks a lot for those wonderful pictures !
  12. Best results here are with random fell seeds that stay in cold, than with prepared sowing that stay inside ;)
  13. Hi, what did you do to them ? They are dividing in some strange leaves, aren't they ? Excepted the 'Zorro'. The second seedling looks very interesting, do you see any changes when they are getting their new skin ? It's amazing the differences we have in a seedling of seeds coming from the same plant !