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  1. A new album from my recent expedition to Guyana - we managed to "bite into" the Guyanese Tepuis and savannas a little deeper ;) After about 1,5 yrs of preparations, planning and struggling to get the ministry-approved permits to visit the Indigenous areas the project came into fruition and we were able to visit the lovely community of Paruima, close to the Venezuelan border. The expedition succeeded in reaching the Guyanese outreach of the Gran Sabana around Uchii Falls and completing the second exploration of the summit of Waukauyeng Tepui after the 1997 Smithsonian expedition. On the su
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  2. The villosa seedlings are about 11 months old, the alisaputrana is about 6 months old, the small eddies are 3 months old and the bigger eddies are 4 months old. One problem with growing from seeds is that the weak ones die off.
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