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  1. A short video as a supplement ;) :
  2. A new album from my recent expedition to Guyana - we managed to "bite into" the Guyanese Tepuis and savannas a little deeper ;) After about 1,5 yrs of preparations, planning and struggling to get the ministry-approved permits to visit the Indigenous areas the project came into fruition and we were able to visit the lovely community of Paruima, close to the Venezuelan border. The expedition succeeded in reaching the Guyanese outreach of the Gran Sabana around Uchii Falls and completing the second exploration of the summit of Waukauyeng Tepui after the 1997 Smithsonian expedition. On the summit - new confirmed distribution of Heliamphora heterodoxa. The album will be updated regularly, also feel invited to check out my Instagram profile: Regards
  3. New pics - Heliamphora sp. Akopan in situ
  4. Yes, indeed ;) Thanks for your kind words!
  5. Hello I'd like to share some pictures taken during my recent Akopan Tepui expedition. Hope you'll enjoy them! H. sp. Akopan x pulchella. These are some of the first high-resolution photos of this hybrid available publicly: H. pulchella H. huberi More albums coming soon! Cheers, Mateusz
  7. Albums updated!
  8. Hello Before our Akopan Tepui expedition, we took a chance to visit the Drosera amazonica habitats northwest of Manaus, Brazil. It was probably the first visit to the site since the discovery of this species. We were lucky to make a little discovery there, finding Utricularia tenuissima growing next to the other two species reported by Fernando Rivadavia (D. amazonica + U. subulata). Another species to add to the overall habitat report Many thanks to Fernando for providing us with the GPS data of the habitats! P1090444.jpg by Mateusz, on Flickr Cheers, Mateusz
  9. Hello Feel welcome to check out my albums from my recent expedition to Venezuela. Albums will be updated regularly. Cheers Mateusz
  10. Hello! Now you can follow my photo updates on my Flickr profile - October update's just been finished! Enjoy! Mateusz
  11. Hello Some pictures from my August excursion to the Everglades NP, Florida. Album to be updated systematically. Enjoy and please subscribe to the flickr profile ;) Cheers, Mateusz
  12. Hello I've started to post new photos of my collection quite regularly on my website. So, to avoid making this topic unnecessarily heavy with photos, I'd like to invite You all to check my newest album here: Hope you like it :) Cheers Mateusz
  13. Gringo

    N. edwardsiana

    Hi! Here's a short timeline showing the development of my N. edwardsiana (AW clone). Hope you like it! Best Regards Mateusz
  14. All I can say is that they are very good at making promises, and really poor at turning them into reality. There has been a somewhat similar thread on the Polish forum recently, and it mostly revealed a terrible ignorance towards the customers who dare to share a critical word with them. I got blamed for my critical attitude on the other forum, but here I can only see a big proof to my opinion. Anyway, I've already had some bad experience with this company, and I'm not going to give them my money anymore. Not for this kind of service.
  15. Hi! After assembling a cooling system in my highland terrariums, the plants are getting into much better shape than before :). The heat waves did their job, but at last the plants now are more safe from the weather changes outside. Here some pics ;) H. pulchella (Amuri) H. pulchella (Churi) H. ceracea x hispida H. neblinae (Aracamuni/Avispa) H. minor 'Burgundy Black' H. purpurascens (Ptari) H. parva (Neblina) i H. glabra (Wei) N. edwardsiana Best Regards Mateusz
  16. That's what I thought...after summing up all costs (evaporator, hoses, pumps etc.) aquarium chiller is a cheaper way...nevertheless, it's worth taking into consideration while building a compact "all in one" system.
  17. Hello I've been scrolling through the internet recently, and I found this little toy: I immediately got an idea of using this to build a highland cooling system...what do you think about it? Will it be efficient enough to make a chiller out of it? This could be a nice solution for not so big tanks IMO Best Regards Mateusz
  18. Hello I'm writing this to ask about one thing which I noticed on some of my helis. when I repotted some of the plants, I noticed some white stuff on the roots, especially near the places where the leaves are attached; and on the Sphagnum moss beneath the pot.. It's hard to capture it on a picture, but here's what I managed to take: Do you think this is something to be worried about? Some time ago I found some root mealybugs on my plants, but managed to kill them all. I repotted the plants and washed the roots twice in BI58 & Karate solutions. Since almost 3 months I haven't seen any bug alive! Anyway, I've heard a theory that this white "powder" can be root aphid's or mealybug's eggs. Personally I think it's just some harmless fungus, but I think asking more people will get me the best answer ;) What do you think about it? Best Regards Mateusz
  19. When did you cut off the flower? Depending on the plant my helis need up to several months (some do quicker, some are terribly slow), but after that I've never had any problems
  20. I see it flowered not so long ago...if so, you might wait a while until it starts growing again ;) Nothing unusual. Flowering consumes a lot of plant's energy, so it needs a while to recover
  21. Great! :) I really like your P. grandiflora
  22. Blog re-activated, check out the new stuff! ;) And don't forget to 'like' and subscribe on Facebook! :)
  23. I agree with you, I'm just not sure about H. neblinae x hispida. I grow 2 plants, one from you (bought as neblinae x hispida) and the second one named originally as H. ceracea x hispida. They are similar, but have some minor differences. It would be hard to name them properly IMHO, but I'm pretty sure that H. ceracea is involved in both hybrids because of the waxy leaf surface reminding me of this species.
  24. It is normal. I have 2 minor var. pilosas that are still very small (one is about 3 cm high, and the other about 5-6 cm) and they both have ho hair. Anyway, one plant is a division of an adult motherplant, which is VERY hairy. So it's all just a matter of time ;)