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  1. Unkown HybridsBicalHookerianamirabilisampsRaffsRigidfoliaLeonardoi
  2. Nepenthesman

    Malesiana Tropics visit.

    About to order from Malesiana So much stuff for a good price.
  3. Hello I am new to the forum here are some of my lowland plants growing outside and some of my highland plants growing indoors. Most of my plants come from 4ze Plants and MT or I Saved them from the many road widening expansions like the pan Borneo highway which basically takes out most of the rafflesiana giant form and white forms habitat.Rafflesiana 4ze clone.Rafflesiana Nivea 4ze clone.Northiana 4ze plant,Sanguinea random roadside nursery in Sungai Buloh.Vietchii x EymaeVentricosa K but from MTHirsuta MTSumatrana 4ze left and MT clone Right. Ampullaria from MT personal collection.Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana MTHurreliana 4zeFlava BEOvata MTBurbidgeae 4zeTenuis edw.indstries plant.Nigra plantLeonardoi MTMirabilis (Rawang)Mirabilis x gracilis (Rawang)Ampullaria 4zeKhasiana 4zeBauensis 4zeGracilis variegated.Rafflesiana (Johor) 4zeRafflesiana (Sandakan) 4ze Rafflesiana 4zeAmpullaria Bau rescued plant from land being cleared.Jamban 4ze
  4. Nepenthesman

    Post your nepenthes.

    Here is just a update. Nepenthes Northiana raffs Nivea And Alata. Plainest Sanguinea I find this plant very hard to grow.Bau amps and a mirabilis x gracilis Malesiana mirabilis and some from Rawang. XS stuff. Wild Phalaenopsis Bellina.
  5. Does anyone know anywhere where you can see Nepenthes Northiana in the wild or recommend a guide as I am going to Bau solely for Nepenthes and have been looking in frustration for sanywhere to look but all say Limestone cliffs. Maybe someone knows a trail up to Northiana heaven. This would be epic as mine is just a small plant. If you do know details please pm me before poachers see this kind of stuff.
  6. I get this on my Ampullaria when it gets strong light.
  7. Hello so over the past few years I have been looking for nepenthes everywhere as they always seem to grow in disturbed areas along the side of the road. Nepenthes Macfarlenei (Genting/Ulu Kali summit) Nepenthes Albomarginata Penang Hill.Nepenthes Rafflesiana Giant Bako during a very dry season so all the cups where quite smallNepenthes Ampullaria BakoDrosera Spathulata var BakoensisNepenthes ampullaria BauNepenthes mirabilis seeds in Bau the plant actually got bulldozed and was practically dead with a bunch of mature amps all bulldozed.Nepenthes Gracilis Equine ParkThank you.
  8. By using google maps you can scout out Nepenthes habitat like I have done. An Ampullaria nearby Bau just looked for disturbed land.
  9. Nepenthesman

    Sundew help/mould

    Better airflow and strong light. Happened to me until i did that
  10. Nepenthesman

    Variegated Cp's?

    Cool I only have a variegated gracilis but might get mirabilis or ampullaria.
  11. Nepenthesman

    Nepenthes potting mix

    Highlander appreciate more coarser mix compared to lowlanders under my care.
  12. Nepenthesman

    Possible Endosymbiotic Root Fungus?

  13. Nepenthesman

    Help with my plant!

    I get this with compact soil and low humidity. I had this with cold temperatures as well
  14. Nepenthesman

    Variegated Cp's?

    Variegated Neps I know exist Rafflesiana Ampullaria Mirabilis clipeata villosa burbidgeae edwardsiana sanguinea albomarginata gracilis tentaculata rajah reinwardtiana fusca Hirsuta Mirabilis echinostoma lowii truncata
  15. Nepenthesman

    Nepenthes Rajah x Mira problem

    Nepenthes Mira is a nepenthes that generally grows in lower light. Check habitat photos.
  16. Nepenthesman

    Nepenthes Rajah x Mira problem

    No it happens to in my care Burbidgeae Rafflesiana Ampullaria for some reason on gracilis black Jamban Flava ovata
  17. Nepenthesman

    Nepenthes Rajah x Mira problem

    I get that problem with Nepenthes Mira it only happens when the leaves are constantly wet but high humidity does nothing only wet leaves creates spots.
  18. Nepenthesman

    Nepenthes potting mix

    I use pure coconut peat, perlite +perlite and sphagnum it works well for me only for lowland nepenthes. For highland nepenthes i use kanuma or akadama for nepenthes with a top dressing of sphagnum moss. It works better with live spag on top as they like to root in it.\ The only highland nepenthes that have grown well in coconut coir is rigidfolia and species similar.
  19. Does anybody know how to increase humidity to 100% outside in a Nepenthes grow area. Thank you.
  20. Nepenthesman

    How do you increase humidity

    Thank you but way out of my budget.
  21. Nepenthesman

    Nepenthes Northiana help.

    Hello I am struggling with this northiana. It grows in typical Malaysian weather and get watered twice a day for a short while. It also gets 50% shade.Thank you
  22. Nepenthes in Bau video I forgot to post. For growing information Nepenthes Were growing in sand and clay soil. Ampullaria only had basal in very very high humidity and good light. Ampullaria vines get full sun and produce a lot of flowers when in these conditions. Gracilis only grew in brighter places. Humidity was like 95% and temp was 32-34 Celsius. 4F37E504-FC14-4DCD-9FD6-92B29FCB2B50.MOV
  23. Nepenthesman

    Nepenthes Northiana help.

    Hello can someone confirm this stuff as i am struggling with this Northiana. Or maybe its just a weak seedgrown plant. 1. They like very high humidity ? 2. Well draining soil ? 3. Drier roots? 4. Apparently the Bau cliffs never heat up so it like cooler roots ? 5. Less sun than most nepenthes ? 6. needs limestone in its soil ? Thank you.
  24. Nepenthesman

    Shade Tolerant Nepenthes?

    Nepenthes Hirsuta commonly grows in shadier forest. And Albomarginata is also compatible as on Penang hill I found a clump growing right in the forest.