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    hi Fabrizio
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    Some of the nicest vulgaris I have seen, and quite a range of colours as well in Scotland today.
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    Looking good! It's a nice idea to make it look more natural than just a long vining plant leaning against a bamboo stick.
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    Nice one Jorge! , I will try something like that.....
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    To package drosera you can put a plastic cup upside down and seal it with tape :)
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    Beautiful! Toothy and that lovely hairy lid! I will eventually get one of those, I must sort out my Lighting/Humidity first in my make -make shift tiny walk-in greenhouse! Once I have the conditions just right, will make the plunge and never go back :) Happy growing!
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    The “compact” Gigantea from seed has flowered just today... here I put some photos... the p. Gigantea alba has divided itself... maybe my p. Gigantea alba is not a sterile clone... in the next days I’ll discover it
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    They do look great mate, I love unpackaging new plants !, HCP did a good job of packaging by the looks of it !. Can I ask how the drosera was packaged ?, I have some spares I want to sell on but I can't think of a way to package them where they won't end up in a sticky clump.... If you get a fairly deep tray or window box type container then your plants shouldn't blow over unless there's some serious wind... I would stake the pitchers on your sarracenia though, it doesn't take a huge amount of wind to fold them over and ruin the look of the plant... The purp will be bomb proof but I'd try and shelter the vft from heavy down pours as the rain tends to trigger the traps wasting a lot of the plants energy over extended periods...... P.s I have several drosera that are all happily living outside, the ones I have under protection do tend to look a bit ' showier ' though...
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    Welcome to the forum, Jorge! Cheers!
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    Not the best pic,started a few years back but learning all the time.
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    A few more photos from today. Apologies if the focus of some is not that sharp - I think I need a new camera or operator Greenhouse shot S. flava v. ornata, Sandy Creek Road, F247 MK S. flava v. cuprea, NC S. flava v. rugelii, F18 MK S. flava v. ornata, F47 MK S. flava v. atropurpurea, ex. A Hindle, JB, ALL RED, HCP F1 S. flava v. atropurpurea, Blackwater, N Florida, HCP F3 S. flava v. rubricorpora, Wewahitchka, FL, F149 MK S. flava v. rugelii, F92 MK Group of red flavas S. flava with missing label, but still quite nice S. oreophila, De Kalb Co. S. alata, De Soto, Mississippi vft "Beastie Boy" S. leucophylla, Helmut's Delight, SL04 CA A hybrid seedling A hybrid from P&J plants Seed grown leucos S. minor v. okefenokeensis S. x moorei, 'Adrian Slack', H113 MK Grown from CA supplied seed (SX33 x SFO09) S. x moorei, 'Wilkerson’s White Knight', North Walton Co., FL, SXM18 CA S. x moorei, (Wilkerson’s white knight x Wilkerson’s red), SXM18 CA S. x moorei, "Elizabeth Aydon", H193 MK S. x moorei, H9 MK S. x 'ASBO', H265 MK S. x moorei, "Jeff Realff", H374 MK S. x moorei x S. leucophylla hybrid (XM47 x L9MK alba)
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    Sorry for the late reply. I’m having great success with the IKEA Vaxer light strip. Currently have the following growing vigorously on my dining table. spectabilis x veitchii glandulifera jamban maxima fusca d.capensis (all red form) jamban has been a bit tricky and has taken a lot longer to acclimate to the mini terrarium (LBH 40 x 27 x 25cm)
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    I just wait until the flower is brown/ black (you will realize when they are ready because they drop easily) You don't need to do cross pollination, and to colect them I usually take flower by flower and smash it on a paper.
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    Giant clam Alien Erectus Bloody nurse Mutant 1343/1 Crackers WB4 Basmati 013 Carnivoria LB fused Red micro teeth Viridis
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice photos!
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    at my house right now white form with a leave of summer more than 20cm a record for me in culture jeff
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    Hi Rob! You say good things and I agree with You... here I don’t want to know the exactly location of those plants, but the Country... for example, when I speak about p. poldinii “Carnia” or p. alpina red “Carnia” I speak of a part of Alpes, in Friuli Venezia Giulia (a Italian Country) of hundreds kilometres... so if a man tell me that the photos were taken, for example, in Piemonte (another Italian Country of hundreds kilometres) I know that this popolation is in the opposite side of North Italy... so I don’t think that it is dangerous for wild populations... but I agree with You that using the name of the single mountain or valley in wich the plants are growing is very dangerous!! have a nice day, my friend! serse
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    Blocky71 how big are the pots You are growing those Bug sarras in?
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    Thanks Dennis for your support. In reply, again, yes Paul you have offered to help me whilst you've been over, and I've explained that I generally do everything with the nursery on my own, I always have done and am used to working like this. I said I'd forgotten to reply to your email ten or so days back, but still you're going on about this, and in view of your comments I am inclined not to take part. Yes you offered me a table at the event, but as I said (and now feel it necessary to repeat myself) I am away at a show, Gardeners World to be precise, which as a nationally important show I can not pull out of to attend a show in Bristol which attracts 15000 visitors. I'm so glad you have money and do not need to work, and am sure other members here will rest easy in their beds in this knowledge. This is getting tiresome and somewhat abusive, and I have this afternoon taken legal advice to see if what has been said against me is considered slanderous. I'm sure Richard would be interested to see your reference to him, if he hasn't already. Oh, and I'm still keen to hear how you have helped me out inthe past. You say I know what you've done to assist me, but I've either suffered a bout of amnesia, or was very drunk at the time, as I have no recollection of this. Nigel HC
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    Hi this is just the kind of ill-mannered rant we don't want on this site. Nigel is one of the good guys and doesn't deserve this when he his seeking help. Dennis
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