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You need to keep pestering them, they tend to ignore you after the first or 2nd email unless its to do with sales. I sent an email complaining about the size of a plant received (half the size) and a damaged peltata and afterwards about a damaged bicalcarata from the same order then another email for a non rooted, mouldy base nepenthes with a maggot living on it.

It took another email before refunds (didnt say which for) and then another 2 emails and then not 1 but a 2nd paypal dispute (2 orders received a week apart) before i got a response! and then they only half refunded me the mouldy plant and 0 for the bicalcarata as 24hrs is too long to complain apparently when chasing up other plants first.

Ive spent £500+ with roraima and i said if this is how they treat me then i cant order in the future unless its a one off, no response to that either!

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