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  1. Giles, that is what I want to have happen when I take pictures of Drosera. Quite a superb pic. Those droplets against that green blurry background is absolutely fantastic. They look like glass. Well done! Please, share with us what camera you used and the settings for that picture if you have them. F-stop, aperture and etc.
  2. Homer is right, the D. montana var tomentosa is a cool plant. (Nice moniker by the way, Homer. ;) )
  3. hahaYour bog has looked very good and I am curious to see how it will look this spring. Please, keep us posted with your great photographs whenever you can.
  4. Thanks guys! (Homer, sorry to hijack your thread.) Khelljuhg, I don't know why you can't see them. Perhaps they are just large files and you have a slow connection. But, here are the direct links if it helps: http://www.riseandshout.org/cppics/D_monta...r_tomentosa.jpg http://www.riseandshout.org/cppics/D_monta..._tomentosa1.jpg http://www.riseandshout.org/cppics/D_monta..._tomentosa2.jpg
  5. Homer, Nice to know about the plant successful self pollinating. I have one and it just started sending up its flower. I hope to get seeds as well. My plant is a slow grower...is yours? Also, as you can see in the pics, my plant grows with a dense moss that keeps its leaves more upright, and I notice that your plants have a nice rosette. I thought the standing leaves was a trait of the plant, but from your pic it seems if given a flat surface the leaves will lay flat. Nice pics and thanks for sharing. Where did you get your plants, btw?
  6. Nice flower, with livida expect to get a whole lot more.
  7. That sounds much nicer. With those large gaps you will have plenty of circulation and won't need the fan. Unless the lowland neps you will have in there prefer the wind it will create. The timer is the best way to tackle that, good idea. Keep us posted with pictures when you can. Sounds like it will be a great terrarium.
  8. Is the fan helping your air move in and out of the tank or just around within the tank?
  9. That looks like a pretty soggy capensis...if those are the conditions they have been growing in, I am not surprised it rotted away. What are your terrarium conditions? Temp Humidity air circulation light wattage
  10. Always look forward to your heli pics, Christer. Do you have a webpage with all your photos?
  11. Nice subtle stab at the size of pygmy Drosera.
  12. Hey guys, Where I am staying now, I have access to a pond that has a pH level of 7.0-7.2. Is that safe for a couple aquatic utrics?
  13. Why 6C? I would understand on freezing why not, but what draws the line at 6C? Would 5C really be too cold compared to 6C? I have never heard this so I am eager to learn the why of it all. I appreciate any expanation you can offer, if you have the time.
  14. You had an alata in a terrarium for almost a year and it hasn't outgrown it? wow...mine outgrew mine in a matter of 6 months. How big is it right now, and what are the conditions it has been growing in? light - wattage and photo period humidity watering habits etc. Any pics?
  15. Do you have the time to take a pic of the whole plant? Also, is it possible that Frederick is right and the leaves are just dying? They may not be the oldest leaves, but something could be causing an early death. Has there been any change whatsoever in: temp light humidity watering new fertilizer weird feeding - strange bug or animal used recently ventilation Anything change at all before this occured that could be the cause?
  16. I'm sure others more educated than I will offer a solid answer but here's my two cents: 1 cent - Looks like burn from strong light occuring suddenly. Did you hike up your wattage without easing the plant into that growing condition? 2 cent - If it isn't burn, it could be overwatering. Have you changed it's watering habits? Other than that, I am not sure unless there are signs of other pests on the plant. Good luck getting a firm answer from someone.
  17. The magnetic cleaner sounds awesome, but you should avoid the damp and dank. Meaning. You really need some air circulation in there so you can avoid fungal issues, or at least algae from growing in your tank. I would advise that you get some ventilation holes in your terrarium somewhere. Mine are in the lid and even without a fan the ventilation holes are enough to keep from condensation and trouble with mold.
  18. Be wary of fast growing Neps in a terrarium. Without much time to enjoy you'll be building a larger terrarium for that "fast growing" nep.
  19. Love that pic of your setup. Always been curious what it all looked like. Great looking pings too, btw. I am certainly impressed by the quality of plants you grow.
  20. Yes, you'll find that your highland neps will do fine in that terrarium as long as your plants get watered and receive lots of light. Humidity is important, but many highland neps simply adjust to whatever humidity is present as long as there is some. I wouldn't worry about the plastic. It may not have as long lifespan as glass, but it should look and work great.
  21. Not in my experience. But, some like to add the effect. As long as you water your plants regularly and have a well ventilated lid, you should have more than enough local humidity for a tank of Highland neps. What size of tank are you planning, btw?
  22. Ah, I see. That's much nicer than I thought. I assumed you had to remove the lights entirely during each watering time, but that's much better to have two lids where you can work around the lights without too much hassle. Nice project so far! Please, keep us posted.
  23. Best of luck! Maybe when I have a greenhouse someday I will have to outfit my watch with an alarm whenever the temperatures drop or rise to dangerous levels.
  24. That looks awesome and well built by you, by the way. But, how do you get into the case when the lights are on the apparent lid? How do you water? I look forward to see this project evolve. Thanks for sharing!