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  1. Photo of P.vulgaris: [/url] Today I posted photo of small P.tina. :)
  2. Hallo, this is some photos from my greenhouse. I made pictures today. :)
  3. :) Some foto from my greenhouse and garden boog.
  4. Hi, This is my plants in july. Drosophyllum lusitanicum
  5. Interesting video. Alexis: What is the temperature in your greenhouse? Thanks.
  6. Palaga

    Cephalotus set-up

    Thank you. How do you deal with the temperature in the summer? In my greenhouse is 50 degrees Celsius.
  7. Thank you! Yes, our country is colder in winter, but in summer is very hot. :) No problem with water. I have problem with air humidity. Darlingtonia need a high air humidity. Viliam
  8. Thank you! This is true.
  9. Palaga

    Cephalotus set-up

    Wow. Nice! One guestion: What temperature is in the greenhouse? Thank you. :)
  10. Hi, growers! My name is Viliam. I am 15 years old. I started grow carnivorous plants five years ago. I am a member SCPS (Slovak Parnivorous Plant Pocielity). I hope, that I am going to learn a lot of things from world this plants. :) I love this forum and I like your nice plants! (I'm sorry for the grammar errors. :) Viliam Paľaga.
  11. Hallo. I bought Darlingtonia. My greenhouse is very hot, so he is not good for Darlingtonia. I have a garden bod. He is for temperatures Pinguicula good. is garden bog good for Darlingtonia? Grow someone Darlingtonia in garden bog? If so, you do not have a problem with moisture? Thanks! :) (Sorry for the grammar errors.)
  12. Palaga

    My small bog

    Thank you! No, I don´t protect my bog. Temperature in this winter was (5- -10) degrees celsius.
  13. Palaga

    My small bog

    This is my bog in 2013.