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  1. Don't fret Fred, none of the mesh is in contact with the barrel. Unless you're saying they don't like the rainwater dripping off it into the barrel?
  2. Hi Steve, the bamboo screen was to act as a windbreak to stop the pitchers being flattened. I've been thinking about starting another, smaller one, just for VFTs but I really don't have the space. My garden is full! I was just thinking about trying to make the purpurea smaller - it's smothering some red VFTs. Can I take off all the old pitchers without harming it? Cheers, MBE
  3. I know what you mean, and it's heavier than I expected too. I'll probably end up swapping the wire mesh for plastic like before, but retain the steel frame. Should look better then.
  4. Evenin' all. Latest update: I've already pulled a load of moss out, but I'm going to have to thin out some more. Lots of the VFTs are a bit smothered. The grandiflora and the purpurea are getting a bit big. Any tips for how to manage this? And my mate fabricated me a better cage, as the bamboo canes and hula hoops were threatening to fall apart. Later. MBE
  5. I have both binata and capensis in an outside bog. No problems at all.
  6. Thanks corky. Hopefully it will encourage people to have a go - I was pretty clueless when I started so if I can do it, anyone can. And I might yet try that tape - it can't do any harm.
  7. Yeah, I used some on the garden last year. Did I think to use them on the barrel too?
  8. Annual(ish) update: It just keeps getting better. One of my favourite things in the garden, and one of the best things I've made: My biggest problems are aphids sucking sap from new growth, causing distortion of the pitchers and VFTs, and baby slugs. Blue pellets would spoil the look, somewhat. It's particularly pleasing to see little baby sundews and pings popping up that have grown from seed.
  9. Quite happy with the way this is looking at the moment: I've added a couple of pings since the last photo. Particulary pleased with the Drosera, which are springing up all over the place.
  10. I think I might well do that - I've got plenty of it. I've got some pretty cold weather on the way from Sunday, so should probably cover up again anyway. I'll go for the fleece this time.
  11. I just left the straw open to the elements - never crossed my mind to cover it. The only thing I don't like much is the mess it's made - fiddling little bits of straw all over the place.
  12. I had to use straw in the end, as I couldn't get hold of the ferns. I took the straw off today, as I was a bit worried about how things were faring. Not too badly by the looks - I think most things have survived reasonably well, although I won't know for certain for a while yet. Straw's a bit messy though - there're bits all over the place.
  13. Thanks as always Steve. This is what it looks like at the moment: I agree with your thoughts about straw - it will almost certainly end up a soggy mass on top of everything. I can get hold of some ferns without much trouble so I'll try that. Does it matter if they're green or brown? I'm sure I can find something to insulate the actual barrel. Some bubble wrap or something.
  14. How's it looking these days then? What plans do you have to get it through the winter?